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Don't you think it will only get harder for Martina?

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I do think so.
It's obvious that she's lost because of her mental block. I'm not saying Jennifer didn't deserve to win, because in the end she did, but if Martina wouldn't have choked she would have been the one holding the trophy.
I think that she's only gonna choke more when she's in another final. It was three years this time, it will be 3 and a half years next time.
If the media (and the fans) keep putting the pressure on her, I'm afraid we will see many more finals like this.

Goooooooooo Martina! :bounce:
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I absolutely hate to say this but this match just confirmed what many people have been saying for the last three years. Martina Hingis WILL NEVER win a grand slam singles title again.

When she lost to Steffi Graf, a lot of people asked that. I still believed in her. Because not only was she close, but there were circumstances that were involved that made her to lose. A whole heap of issues.

When she lost to Serena Williams at the US Open final, she was just outplayed. That was the time when Martina was having difficulty with power players. Serena was just too good.

Same when she lost to Lindsay Davenport at the Australian Open final. She was lucky to have been competitive in the 2nd set.

Last year, well she made changes to her game and she was beginning to contend with the power players, but again Jennifer Capriati came out and blew her away.

This time things are different. Really different. 6-4 4-0, the commentators were saying Hingis is the aggressor and she's the one dominating Capriati a power player. Yet again she just wasn't able to close out the match, given 4 match point opportunities. Sorry but if you can't win a grand slam given those opportunities, you'll never win one again.

There's a quote of Jennifer's I found interesting: <i>"I don't really know how I won this match today"</i>

Well I hate to say this, but we're going to hear a lot more players saying that in grand slam finals in the future if they happen to face Martina Hingis.

Look by all means, I wish her luck and a great future on or off the tennis court :kiss: but believe me she won't win a grand slam again.
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Doubt Martina at your own peril...As far as 95% of the board goes she wasn't even meant to reach the final, let alone have the match in her keeping..she blew it, will she make the same mistake again? is to smart for that, I watched her in her speech, she had already moved onto Paris, as Jennifer said to Bruce, don't want to meet Martina again in a hurry
Adrian said:
Doubt Martina at your own peril...As far as 95% of the board goes she wasn't even meant to reach the final, let alone have the match in her keeping..she blew it, will she make the same mistake again? is to smart for that, I watched her in her speech, she had already moved onto Paris, as Jennifer said to Bruce, don't want to meet Martina again in a hurry
Have to agree with Adrian on this one. Not many thought she would make it so far, yet she was untroubled until the semi's (with maybe a mini work-out in the quarters against Serra-Zenetti) showing she still has what it takes.

Don't count her out, she has two things on her side, which not many people in tennis can boast: -

- Age and;
- Experience

That counts for something, she has many years ahead of her, and like Adrian said, she is already eyeing off the red clay of Roland Garros.

And you know what I find funny - if Martina does manage to win another slam, she should be dubbed "the comeback kid"!! :D
I stay with my opinion and this is not to put her down that she misses the mental fighting ability of other great champions like Steffi,Nav or Monica(I mean the dominating Monica from 10 years ago). I know she was tired but after she lost the second set she looked like she does gave up instead of giving it her all, same in Paris 99. Maybe it`s something she just wasn`t born with(her own mother said that too) but that will make things definitely not easier.
I think it will get harder for Martina. But to say she will never win a slam again is going way to far.

1. Those people who say that Martina did very well in her comeback after injury are right, if you just look at her results. A tier II-win and a GS-final, that's a lot.

2. However, for her it's not enough in this particular case.
The chance to win this slam was really really huge ! A draw with seemed to be tough got easier and easier, with Serena withdrawing and Venus being injured. And Lindsay withdrew as well. These are the players which gave her the most trouble. It couldn't be any better. 'Only' left were Monica and Jennifer.
I doubt that this constellation will happen again anytime soon.

(to be continued)
3. Let's compare her matches against Monica and Jennifer. They were really similar.
Martina led 5-1 against Monica and 'choked' = she played too safely, too passive, waiting for the errors, while then making errors herself. The disaster that happened today could have happened there as well.
She led 5-4 40-15, 2 match-points. The first one she played too passive. The 2nd one she played too passive as well, but Monica missed. Martina won.
Today, the same thing: Martina had a huge lead and played too passive, she had match-points but didn't go for them.
Now couldn't Jennifer have missed one of them as well ?
Of course she could have. Then Martina would be the champion and no one would talk about her GS-problem anymore.
But she didn't miss. Jennifer took the risk, played aggressive and it worked.
And in a championship match, you HAVE to be aggressive. You can't wait for the errors.

4. Summary: Martina desperately wanted to win this title so she didn't want to do anything wrong but that failed.
Her mental problems in crucial situations will be even bigger now unless she realises that you have to work for the title yourself and not letting the opponent do the work.
Who knows, maybe she reaches another final, plays it safe and wins it. But these chances are slim.
She was offered the title on a plate here. It's only her fault that she's without it now.
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I reckon she will win another Grand slam Look at her shes at her best now. she could fo easily one this and i mean very easy, she was up 4-0 in the second, then the heat came in and she was loosing energy by the gallon.

Just wait i feel this year she will amke a doubles grandslam and win 1 or 2 slams GO FOR IT MARTY!
I also think she will never win a GS again.
Finals Yes, Winning No
I agree with you that it will only get harder for Martina to win Slams. But not in the way that you may think. People keep saying that Martina has time on her side, but I'd like to debunk that myth. She doesn't have that much time. The time is always now. With the amount of power she is facing these days, her youth becomes ever moreso crucial. She has the best chance to blunt them when she is young. All players realize this, hence why they seem to feel disappointed at every lost opportunity. Martina turns 22 this year. The years go by quickly. Before you know it, she will be 28 and contemplating retirement. The years tend to breeze by like that. The older she gets, the less effective she may get. I can see that she is strong now. She is nearing her peak years. Between the ages of 21-24 is where it all happens for most female players, with exception to serve-volleyers. In a few years time, she might suffer more injuries. She might get slower. She might lose strength. Anything could happen.

But I also agree about confidence being a factor, and I think it's also tied in with the above. With each loss, not only is there a loss in confidence but more desperation. And players know that when you're anxious or when you rush unnecessarily, that you don't play your best tennis. At the start of the final, I believe that Martina felt she had put the past behind her and that she was hungry, but then when it got to that crucial stage, her memory returned to seize her and she forgot everything and started playing out of desperation. She made critical errors at the wrong times. She was rushing. She wanted to win so badly. She also hung back and played passively again at crucial moments. She fell into old, bad patterns. She retreated to what she knew best. Her guile and much-praised tennis mind failed her because her confidence wasn't there. It'll only get tougher with age. She has to break the pattern now or never.
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Martina WILL win another grandslam singles title. Jennifer played great at the most crucial points and she was relentless and aggressive, but I believe Martina should have won that match. I am not saying Jen didn't deserve the win because all the match points she saved were due to her aggressive play. Still Martina had plenty of opportunities and if she learns from this match and plays the most important points with confidence and aggression, she will win many grandslam singles.
I think it will get tougher for Martina - but it won't have anything to do with her being unable to physically cope with power tennis. She can cope just fine with it; she didn't lose to Capriati because she was overpowered. She has to work a little more for her points, but until the 2nd set tiebreak, she was doing that fine. She lost because of her mentality: she choked, she played it safe on the big points (as opposed to Capriati, who plays out of her head on big points). I believe that if she'd had two match points in a row she would have taken the second; as it happened, every time she frittered away a match point she had to work to get back there. And it's the mental aspect of her game, which used to be so impeccable, rather than the physical aspect of her game, which will be her big stumbling block now.
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I'm not a big Hingis fan, but she played just amazing tennis this whole tournament, and played very well the first set and a half. She was taking the ball early and setting up inside the baseline and really moving into the court when she hit the ball. I think she has actually found a good way to counter the power hitters. I do think she'll sneak another GS in because in general she plays much more error free tennis than the big hitters. 2001 and 2002 Australian finals were exceptions to that. I prefer the big hitters, but for crying out loud they hit the ball out or into the net so much that they give away a lot of points. Martina is so steady, and has become much more aggressive, that I think she still has it in her to win GSs. She outplayed Monica completely, I think. But Monica hit A LOT of balls into the net. And missed a lot of serves. So she gave away a lot of points. Unfortunately Hingis tends to give away THE points - ie match points, or big overheads at the US Open, but I was still VERY impressed by how she played this tournament. She's actually gone up in my estimation seeing her finally make changes to her game that has allowed her to counter the big hitters. Jen didn't out hit her, she outlasted her (more credit to her).
Ruth in Philly PA USA
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Yes, of course it's going to be hard for her.

But, she's still a very good player and she's still only 21. To write off her chances would be foolish. I don't think her next slam will be the Australian though, she has too many horrible memories of it now with 3 finals lost. But if she can win RG this year, I'd rater her chances in Oz very high.
Irma, I totally agree with you, what made those player so great wasn't their game, they had it for sure, but many others do as well.

It was their champion minds, that makes the difference.

Yes, she is only 21, but in 2000 she was only 20, every time she plays a GS final the memories come.
US Open 99 she was thinking RG 99
Aussie 2000: RG 99 and US Open 99
Aussie 2001: RG 99, US Open 99 and Aussie 2000

and so on, it's getting worse and worse, she had a big chance, with Venus, Serena and Lindsay out, with Jenn taking Kim out and with Kim taking Justine out, it's not always gonna be like this.
I think the fact that Jennifer could come back from 2 breaks in both sets shows that jenn was losing the match way more than Martina was winning the match and when Jenn decided to start winning she did. I do think that Martina has improved a lot of areas of her game. However, I think Jennifer and Monica didn't attack her second serve like Venus, Serena, and Davenport would have or maybe it was the fact that court was so slow that it was taking a lot of the sting from their shots.

I think Martina's chances will get harder because now everyone knows they can come back on her. Jenn did it in both sets and Monica did it in the third, eventhough she didn't win. But that is another example of a win based on the oponents UE's and not aggressive play from Hingis.
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