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Becca, he can start a thread in Arabic just like there's a German, French, Dutch thread but I don't think anyone really appreciates it that he starts every single thread in Arabic cause almost nobody understands it. Furthermore this is a message board so if you start threads with titles like DOKIC, VENUS SERENA, etc... you clearly do that to start a debate but what use does it have if noone understands it?<br />Plus, someone who understands Arabic says that his posts don't make sense, not talking about the subject and written in incorrect language.<br />Plus in non-tennis he started a thread addressing one of the members (EVEY) who doesn't even understand Arabic and he started that thread with the words 'U DIE'.

So I think it's good to be cautious of this person, hence the warning I gave him.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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