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<font size=5>Dokic named Yugoslavia's Sportswoman of the Year </font>

<br />Dokic, who flew in to Belgrade from Florida was close to tears as she accepted the award.

"I'd like to say thank you to everybody on this great acknowledgement. For me this is, at the same time, an honour and an obligation. It is a big thing when somebody receives such an honour in the first year of their return under a flag. I promise that I will be even more successful in the next year."

Dokic also told press reporters that she has started heavy training next season and has worked mainly around her serve.

She will fly into Tokyo on January 23rd to et used to the climate and time zone in Tokyo.

She then flies to Europe to play in some events and then back to the US. She said her first big break will be after Wimbledon, where she plans to take 2-3 weeks off. She will not play week in and week out like last year.

Congrats Dokic!!
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