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Dad cuts links with Dokic over boyfriend

May 9, 2003
SYDNEY (Ticker) - Damir Dokic, the maverick father of tennis star Jelena Dokic, has severed ties with his daughter because of her relationship with Brazilian racing driver Enrique Bernoldi.

Dokic told the Sydney Morning Herald that he no longer wished to be associated with his daughter.

"I never want to see her again," said Dokic senior, speaking to the paper from Belgrade. "She left us. We don't need her. My wife speaks to her often, but I don't want to. I am angry at her. She did things that she was not supposed to. We brought her back here and did everything for her until she was 19. Then she chose that idiot (Bernoldi).

"Everybody says he's a Formula One driver, but he is no one - nothing. (Jelena) supports him. My family put all the money from their house into her tennis, but it wasn't enough. In the beginning we had lots of support from Tennis Australia as well."

Jelena Dokic was in Berlin this week, where she lost in the third round.

Damir Dokic is no stranger to controversy and has frequently crossed swords with tennis authorities.

The family moved to Australia in 1994 from the country then known as Yugoslavia, but in 2001 they moved back to Belgrade and Jelena now represents Serbia and Montenegro even though she had received considerable assistance from Tennis Australia.

In 2000, Damir went close getting thrown out of all four majors.

At the Australian Open, he was accused of having a bust-up with a cameraman but then got through the French Open without any incident.

At Wimbledon, Damir was ejected by police after smashing the cell phone of a television reporter, before he was also thrown out of the U.S. Open in New York when he threw a tantrum over the price of salmon in the players' dining room.

At another tournament in Britain, at Edgbaston in 1999, he was ejected and then laid down in the street, blocking traffic.

Last year, he told the Serbo-Montenegrin magazine Svet that 40 percent of women tennis players were lesbian and that he would kill himself if his daughter was of a similar persuasion.

He has also expressed unhappiness with his new life in Belgrade, at one point saying he and his family might seek political asylum in Britain.

OhMY OH MY, I always knew he was nuts, but this is too much !!

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hmmm. i wonder if I'd be good enough for Jelena :confused:

don't know this Brazilian race driver to know if he is a scumbag or not...but i concur with Damir if cute Jelena is one of the *40%*
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