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Should WTA start its equivalent to ATP Masters Series?

  • Sure, why not?

    Votes: 9 69.2%
  • No, being a copycat does you no freaky good.

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • Well, the current WTA tour is doing a great job, so I don't think it's quite necessary.

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • I don't give a damn. Just let the players' racquet do the talk.

    Votes: 1 7.7%
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I had an idea of having the WTA have a bid. Anyone can offer money to run one of 5 tier one events in the calendar. All top 50 players would be required to play. The prizemoney bidding would start at 3 Million. Do you think that would be a good idea?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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