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Yesterday, during Paradorn's first round match in Montreal, Brad Gilbert said one of Paradorn's weaknesses was his movement. Then a couple of points later, Paradorn missed a shot that Gilbert said illustrated Paradorn's lack of movement. During the point, Paradorn ran around a backhand and hit a forehand from the doubles alley. When the shot came back, Paradorn was out of position. I didn't think that was lack of movement as much as hoping for an outright winner.

When I watch Paradorn from now on, I will look for a lack of movement. At the moment, I disagree with Gilbert, though. I see Paradorn and James Blake at similar stages in their career, game, and game development. I think where they are alike is that they both have excellent "wheels" and a superb forehand. I think they are both in flux about their careers because they've obtained a great deal of success and they're dealing not only with their personal expectations now, but, those of others. The difference is that Paradorn is ranked much higher than James and he seems to have adjusted quicker to his new position in the sport. I think they are both more instinctive than strategic players right now. I watch them go for outright winners and play defense more often than they should. So, I think Paradorn's weaknesses are lack of strategy (setting up points, dictating play) and a lack of variety (net play, volleys, etc.).

What do you guys think?
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