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Does Maleeva have what it takes to rise?

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I'm always a sucker for a comeback, and Maleeva has comeback so well over the past few years now. I don't see her becoming number four again, but at 16, she isn't too far off from the top 10. As her results show, she has the goods, winning Budapest this year, along with reaching the finals in Nice, taking out a hugely talented field; Patty, Dementieva, Juju, Venus, before falling to Mauresmo. Do you think she has what it takes to become a top 10?
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She definately has what it takes., I think she will be the next great story in tennis, next year, this year she beat players like demetieva,henin,V.Williams, and she took a set from hingis 6-0 and a set from capriati 6-2,

I think if maggie is at 100% mentally she wouldn't have lost that match v.s. hingis but she would have continued to play great and she would have beaten hingis 6-0/6-2<br />Same story with cappriati

I think maggie has the goods she has so much variety on the court and if she is at 100% mentally and Phisically she will win a grand slam next year.<br />In a bulgarian interview she has said that she will retire after the 2004 olympics.
I am a good fan of Maggie Maleeva. Her best surfaces are definitely indoor court and clay. She plays her best indoor IMO though. Her record this year Indoors was 19-9 with wins including Likhovtseva, Shaughnessy, Dementieva-twice!, V. Williams (in s8 sets!), Tauziat, Huber, and Sanchez-Vicario. She also took Hingis to 3 sets twice!

As another sucker of a good comeback, I can definitely see Maggie having a great year next year. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
BTW, I looked at the ITF website and I saw another Maleeva from Bulgaria named Julia Maleeva who's only recorded result was in 1968. Is this the Maleeva sister's mother?

Also, it says that Manuela represented Switzerland. Is this true and can anyone tell me why? Thanks a bunch. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
manuela represented switzerland in her last years on the tour, not because she didn't want to play for bulgaria anymore but because she married the swiss millionaire fragniare.<br />She lived in switzeland and was married to one of the most famous swiss citizens, so it would have been hard for her to play for bulgaria, just like in the case with pavlina-stoyanova-nola playing for new zealand.

Julia maleeva is julia barbaranova, before she got married to borislav maleev, she used to be a solid top 100 player in the 60's now she is running bulgarian tennis in bulgaria as well as coaching talented bulgarians todor enev #2 junior, and 21 year old dessislava ranked #189 who has just made the sf of this week's 25,000 itf.
I see her as a perpetual top 20 nothing more. She has the game to beat the occasional top player but that is as far as i can see her going. She can win a lot of tier 3 and some tier 2 but it would be a major suprise if she won a tier 1 or grandslam.

thats what people said about cappriati <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

We will have to wait and see.......
Thanks a lot for the info bulgar! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
She has always had more than enough talent to be a really top player, but to contend with the likes of Lindsay and Venus on a consistent basis I think she needs more than just that.

Having said that, she has been awesome this year, so I don't doubt she could do it.
Thanks for the replies guys. I really hope that she can rise up even further next year. It's good to see she will be playing until 2004, she'll hopefully have a few injury free years of great tennis! <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> She played well, but hopefully she can play better, consistant tennis. Because has few points to defend at the slams, hopefully she can build on them too. BTW, does Maleeva play a more tenacious game than that of a powerful one? I have read she combines the qualities of both sisters. Also, did the Maleeva's get much press for being three sisters inside the top 10?
Im a big maggie fan and i really think she has got what it takes to get bakc into the top 10!

If she gets a little more consistent results and beats a few top players she'll be there!
The Maleeva's got alot of press and a lot of attention in the 80's and early 90's, they had a lot of fan mail, at one point, in 91 or 92 it was amazing,

Manuela was ranked #4<br />Katerina #5(career high)<br />and maggie #6

And maggie's game is really dangerous it combines heavy groundstrokes with incredible touch, sometimes i think she has the best dropshots and the best lobs in tennis, she plays like a gabriela sabatini. <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> <br />Yeah it is true, maggie has katerina's groundstrokes, and manuela's touch and netplay.<br />I can say that she is the most talented of the three, if only she can evolve her talent on a consistent basis.
The maleeva's career highs were:

Julia Barbaranova-Maleeva #24(1968-injury forced her to retire early)

Manuela Maleeva #3 1986<br />(reached #4 in 84)

Maggie Maleeva #4 1992-3<br />(#6 in 91)

Katerina Maleeva #5 1991 and 1992<br />(reached #6 in 88)

Great careers
I'd like to see Maggie Maleeva do well, but no, she's not top 10 material. Even her former #4 rank was an inflation of where she was at the time. Manuela was by far the best of the 3, and the only one to get to a slam semifinal. Poor Mags may have been the most talented of the 3, but she's had bad luck with injuries and lacks a weapon to reach the next level.
I think maybe she can crack the top 10 again, seeing as she's not far off, but I doubt she will become a consistent top 10 player. She seems just around where she should be, a top 20 player with the ability to give a top 10 player a run for their money if they're a bit off.

*If* Maggie is ever going to be consistently in the top 10, she needs to start doing better at the slams, simple as that. She knows how to do well in the lower tiers, but she just isn't getting through enough matches at slams, usually upset in round 2 or 3 by a player who she would normally beat at a smaller event where the pressure wouldn't get to her. If she can overcome that and start achievening more success at the slams, then she will have a bit of hope to make it back as a top 10 contender.
I'd like to see her climb into top 10 , it seems close but in reality it seems like a distant galaxy away.

The top 10 in terms of points are too far away and unless Maggie excels in AUS then it looks unlikely.

So good luck Maggie <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
I think she's about as high as she can get. She has the ability to reach #14 or maybe #13, but for her to get higher than that a few players would have to unexpectedly falter. Wait, check that. If Tauziat is retired, make that #12 or #13.
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