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Well, she just turned 18 last month so I dont think she's a junior anymore!

Anyway, I dont really follow the juniors, in fact its my first post here <img src="redface.gif" border="0"> but I was wondering if anyone knew if she was planning on joining the pro tour soon? I cant seem to find her name on the WTA rankings, and now that she's 18, I'm a little surprised/concerned at that...I heard she joined our Fed Cup team in the tie against Switzerland a few months ago and was an 'orange' girl with Samantha Stosur there.

She was Aussie number 1 junior this year if Im not mistaken, and I remember she played pretty well at Aussie Open juniors this year...hopefully I can get to see her name on a drawsheet this summer cos its been a while!

Anyway, any info would be appreciated, cos Im gonna be keeping my eye out for this kid.

Go Hori!!!

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