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Obviously she is good. Obviously, she has #1 potential. But will she the succeder to Serena?

What do I mean?

Well first we had Billie Jean. She was succeded by Chris Evert, who transformed the game into baseline tennis. She was succeded by Martina Navratilova, who added athleticism and fitness to the game. She was succeded by Steffi Graf, who became the first woman to have a knockout punch. She was succeded by Monica Seles, who became the first woman to hit the crap out of the ball from everywhere in the court. She was succeded by, well Gunther Parche.

Then came Hingis. She transformed the game by proving that brain rules over braun. Unfortunately, she was surpassed by Venus Williams, who with her serve, speed, and groundstrokes, forever changed the game with her ability to hit a winner from any position and go from defense to offense in a heartbeat.

She was then surpassed by the current Queen, Serena Williams. Serena does everything that Venus Williams does, but more efficiently, more cleanly, and with more technical precision.

This is the most interesting change because there was a small change, but such a significant one.

Can Sharapova be the one who is the next in line? Granted she doesn't do anything we haven't seen before. But still the potential is there.
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