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Babel, Meike
Bacheva, Lubomira
Bachmann, Angelica
Bajin, Sanja
Barabanschikova, Olga (already have 3)
Barclay, Catherine
Barna, Anca
Barna, Adriana
Basting, Yvette
Basuki, Yayuk (have 1)
Baudon-Furlan, Nathalie
Bauer, Silvana (have 1)
Bedanova, Daja (SHE SHOULD HAVE ONE!!)
Begerow, Petra
Black, Cara (have 2)
Bobkova, Radka
Bollegraf, Manon
Boogert, Kristie
Boschiero, Gabriella
Bovina, Elena
Bradshaw, Allison
Brandi, Kristina
Buisson, Virginie
Buth, Dawn

I hope I have more luck with these players. If you know fansites of these players, please post the links here or send them by email to me. I want my linksite to be as complete as possible.

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Terrible huh Nejedly? I know it's hard to find them... so I just ask it here where all the fans are.

Tx Caio Braz.. the site of Mitchell is a general tennis site I believe(I know it, he let me use his pictures) and I will add his site to my general section.
Thanks for the links..

Amazing... most of these players deserve a real site, but only the famous ones have a site...
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