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Car Key Boi said:
"inoperable" back condition?
Well, I saw Anna at the Open and the tape was still on the small of her back. She stated that she could get an operation but wanted to see if there was a way around that. If Anna could play she would. I don't know how happy Adidas is that Anna is not playing.

I don't trust her agent at all though. Smarmy fuck.
Kournikova will not play the rest of year

By Matthew Cronin

Anna Kournikova interviews tennis player Alex Bogolomov.
Fred Mullane/Camerawork USA, Inc.
FROM THE US OPEN – Russian starlette Anna Kournikova has decided to take the rest of the year off in hopes that her injured back will heal.

Kournikova told ******************* back surgery is an option, but, at this point, she doesn't want to take that opportunity because it could take her out of competition for eight months or longer.

Kournikova, who hasn't played a tournament since the spring, said that she was striking the ball really well in June before she her back seized up on her while preparing for a grass court tournament in Birmingham, UK. She added that the injury began to negatively affect other parts of her body.

Kournikova did say that she is planning on a comeback and added that she really misses playing.

The 22-year-old Russian debuted at this week's US Open as a celebrity reporter for USA Network. She said that while she enjoyed her new role, she decided not to take option to continue during the second week of the tournament. Kournikova mentioned that she was uncomfortable interviewing her fellow players.

© Mark Lyons
"This was her first time on TV and she worked really hard," said US Network spokesman Tom Caraccioli.

Kournikova said she was so busy during her three days on the air that she unable to attend the MTV Music awards. She also mentioned that as TV reporter, she found herself tempted to eat a lot of snacks. Because of her back injury, she is unable to run and instead works out on an elliptical trainer.
While in New York, the Russian threw out the first pitch of a New York Yankees versus Chicago White Sox and received a standing ovation.

"I guess that people really miss seeing me play and I miss playing, too," she said.
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