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[Discussion] Risk Shots, Power and Difficulty.

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We're not all stupid, we can sometimes actually tell when a risk shot is being played
It's been a pretty thoroughly discussed topic in the past but just to summarize the rule, if we all agree someone is cheating and doesn't stop, they will be banned. Banned being from tournaments, they can still play duels and what not but the tournaments are really just for fun and when people take winning so seriously that risks become a problem then there's not much we can do about it.

Discuss please :tears: I don't want to be a dictator here.
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i don't know.... what there is it to talk about??

:fiery::devil::mad:They are not to be used!! Do it, i dare you!!:devil: :fiery::mad:
Well, mostly I have actually gotten a few PMs asking me to look into certain players doing it, but there isn't really much I can do to prove it, just enforce that if I keep getting complaints there's really only one option :lol:
lol at this. There's only like 15 of us on the tour :lol:
don't pay any attention to them Cara, I use dropshots too. I love dropshots. I WILL use many drop shots in a row if i need to lol.
Being a drop short whore is nothing to be proud of. :lol: I remember the duel we played against each other. By the end of the match they were coming on everyone point. Drop shots are a lot easier to deal with when you can see them coming especially when your already on or inside the baseline.
if i need and i did against u. you smothered the court and those topspin shots were deep. i struggled to hold serve everytime. couldnt ace u, my return game sucked, couldnt last through the rally, going to net didnt work-all my option were exhausted except my trusty drop shots, and you got those too.

if being a dropshot whore gives me the win, well dropshot whore i am for that match.

and i want revenge:fiery: by the way;)
Do you rush to the net Cara? OR do you sneak in after the drop shot?
high five!!! i sneak in too lol
just accept it. if you are clearly out of the point and your opponent finishes the rally with a powerful shot, accept it. if you are out of position in a rally and they aren't and can hit a hard ball accept it.

if timing the ball is all you're trying to do, get better at it, especially if you can't keep up with the powerful exchanges. but the other buttons are there for a reason.

I don't know. I know for sure when a power risk shot is used. To me there is a definite difference, why would you have the option to hit such a shot in the first place? You definitely can't hit a perfectly timed flat shot that's the same as the risk shot. If the opponent has more power you're out of luck, you'll be bullied in the point (the case being both of you are just using the a button).

Why would the makers of the game make this shot an option and have it be similar to a regular "a" flat shot?? You can notice a difference.

there was a need for Dr. Phil realist talk about this issue lol.
i thought when we said risk shots were banned, i thought everyone assumed the R Trigger since that is what most complained about in the first place.
but really though, that's what all the big fuss was about.
hmmmm....that would definitely make things a little more competitive.

could you explain your reasoning for your suggestion??
Drop shots aren't trigger shots. They don't need the left or right trigger to function.
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