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[Discussion] Risk Shots, Power and Difficulty.

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We're not all stupid, we can sometimes actually tell when a risk shot is being played
It's been a pretty thoroughly discussed topic in the past but just to summarize the rule, if we all agree someone is cheating and doesn't stop, they will be banned. Banned being from tournaments, they can still play duels and what not but the tournaments are really just for fun and when people take winning so seriously that risks become a problem then there's not much we can do about it.

Discuss please :tears: I don't want to be a dictator here.
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Am I missing something? :confused: There has been back and forth in the chat thread about people using them in friendly duels but in the 3 official tournaments so far (AO, Paris and Dubai) I havent seen anyone complain about/accuse another player of using risk shots.
Totally agreed with the risk shots. They shouldn't be allowed. On the other hand, if you are timing the ball perfectly 80% of the time, it can appear that you are constantly hitting risk shots; so I think players have to careful before making accusations. Also, if someone is reporting another player using risk shots, it should be discussed through PM with the founder of the tour making the final decision as to whether a player is banned or not for using risk shots. Just my opinion on the matter.....
Well, mostly I have actually gotten a few PMs asking me to look into certain players doing it, but there isn't really much I can do to prove it, just enforce that if I keep getting complaints there's really only one option :lol:
Im sure I was one :lol: Who were the others?
Those dropshots :p :rolleyes:
Cara kept trying to hit dropshots off my risk returns :tape::lol:
don't pay any attention to them Cara, I use dropshots too. I love dropshots. I WILL use many drop shots in a row if i need to lol.
Being a drop short whore is nothing to be proud of. :lol: I remember the duel we played against each other. By the end of the match they were coming on everyone point. Drop shots are a lot easier to deal with when you can see them coming especially when your already on or inside the baseline.
I don't think anyone has a problem with someone getting an easy put away from a powderpuff, but it's on the run shots that come out with angles you didn't expect is what usually gets me, not sure if anyone else is saying otherwise.
Right trigger shots give your power not angles. If someone if hitting extreme angles on the run they are probably using L trigger shots which are allowed.
I know, I've played this game since 2008 :lol: I'm not a noob, and people can use both at once.
Very hard to do on the run and be successful.
Some of you need to read the rules :eek:

L trigger shots ARE allowed in rallies.

R trigger shots were banned because certain players dont know how to use or defend against them and wanted to punish those who do players complained that the shots were too hard and unrealistic.

L triggers pretty much help with placement. They dont add any additional power. Without them it difficult to hit really good angles. Tennis without angles isnt really tennis so I guess Cara saw no point in banning them. With that said I'm sure once some time has passed players will want them to be banned as well. I also think I remember someone suggesting that risk serves be banned. :tape:
L trigger shots should be allowed. Banning angles and well placed shots would be stupid. Using the L trigger shots is also the only way to hit a really good moonball.

I rarely use them (except in 1 or duels I've played) because I can get a somewhat decent angle with just the regular top spin shot if I have enough time to set up the shot. My game is also based more around depth/power than angles so I dont have a big need for them a lot of the time but I still think they should be allowed. The L trigger shots are pretty realistic.
Well I think thats what tennis is all about...ALG is leading the tour currently cause she owns the Risk Returns...if we take that of her she is as good as a player as most of us COULD be :shrug:

Plus womens tennis is not about making 3 Return winners in only one game :p
Yes because risk returns are the only reason I'm leading the tour. :tape: The excellent timing on my groundstrokes have nothing to with it. :lol: Banning R trigger returns wouldnt hurt me. My serve is huge so I would hardly lose a point on serve.

With risk returns breaks of serve would be scarce which is the exact opposite of womens tennis which is full of breaks. Those without big serves (Dementieva, Safina etc) would also be at a bigger disadvantage.
If I serve well, people barely make points on my serve with normal returns. I like a challenge, without those returns it'll be boring.
I agree. Most players miss their fair share of risk returns anyway so them hitting 3 return winners in one game is probably rare.
If you'd notice I said we (COULD) in big letters. I meant by that....we need more practice of those groundies but potentially if we practicie them we
Wouldnt the same apply to returns. Its not like I'm unbeatable now. I've played very challenging matches against darkchild, Summon and Cara. I simply won the crucial points/games in those matches but Im very beatable. No point in banning anymore shots. By the time the FO comes around everyone will probably have greatly improved and the tour as whole will be more competitive.
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