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Dieter’s Diary - Marseille and Eastbourne 2005

Fri/Sat June 03/04

„Drove All Night“ with Andre’s Peugeot 206CC Cabrio, had a sleep break from 3 to 5 in the car, somewhere in France, and arrived at abt. 8 a.m. in Marseille. As we knew the tennis club from our last year’s first visit, we had no problem to find our way.

The first player that we met, still outside the club on the street, is Liga Dekmeijere from Latvia. The qualy draw is extremely disappointing, almost none of the original qualy entry list is left.

We realize one very young looking beauty, practicing in hot soccer shorts and a very colourful “Coq Sportif” t-shirt. She looks like a mix of Gisela Dulko and Iveta Benesova, but is completely unknown to us.

During the day, we meet Virginie Pichet and talk a little. We had an off court shooting with her last year, and we offer her another one during the week, and she promises, if time would permit.

There are some tennis matches, too, and Andre even takes some pics, but I feel them not worth mentioning. In general, we are extremely tired during the afternoon due to driving all night.

When returning to the car at the end of the day we found it fully covered with seagull shit as we parked it under a lamp post, which seemed to be their favourite place.

After checking in at the “ibis” hotel, which is located next to the official player’s hotel, sharing the terrace and the swimming pool, we go to a pizzeria at the beach, which we have good memories of from last year.

Sunday, June 05

Very good breakfast at the hotel. We are happy that we have a large buffet with baguette bread, as the French breakfast normally is rather small. There is a reason why they call it “petit/small dejeuner”.

Meeting Virginie Pichet in the club again, we remind her of the shooting.

While watching some boring practice sessions, we are discussing the original entry list and the competitors list, which is published in the club. None of our favourite players are left on this list. Thinking of our best friend Britta, who could not come with us due to work, we prepare a fantasy draw, which she would love to see, and mailed following SMS text message:

“Marseille 1st Rd: Poutchek-Srebotnik, Krizan-Q, Garbin-Matevzic,

Daniliidou-Q, Dhenin-LL, poor draw, decided to leave and have sight seeing in southern France.” She does not get the clue, takes it serious and replies immediately: “you must be in paradise; regret not being with you.” We send another SMS, which mentions even some more of her favourite players: “Vanessa Henke and Anca Barna arrived, greetings to you from Sam Stosur and Sarah Stone“ – Britta replies: “I’m going to have an orgasm”.

Later in the day, we mail her that the tournament has been cancelled due to moles under the centre court, and we shall travel on to Nice and Monaco. She still takes it serious.

In the evening, we drive abt. 4 km along the coast to the restaurant at Catalan Beach, which we know from last year, but it is closed on Sunday evenings and Mondays. The alternative restaurant at a picturesque harbour is closed as well, so we decide to drive on to Vieux Port, which is the historic part of the harbour, now being used for yachts and sail boats and is framed by restaurants all along the shore. We find one nice restaurant and have a very fine filet steak.

At the hotel lobby we meet Paula Garcia, who has just arrived from her club matches in Paris, and as the kitchen of her hotel is already closed, she is waiting for a steak for take away from our hotel. We say hello with kisses and a hug, and we take the chance to agree a new photo shooting during the week, which she happily agrees to.

Monday, June 06

Starting the car, the signal for low gasoline beeps, but we have to hurry for the tennis club. Still no main draw available, only a competitors list.

Watching practice, Andre and I discuss our strategy for the week, and we make a bet on how many shootings we will be able to arrange this week. Andre’s guess is 1, my guess is 5, but I am fully aware this is hard to fulfil.

The young girl, which we saw practicing on Saturday, turns out to be Dia Evtimova. We approach her and her father, tell her about our project, show her some samples of our previous shootings, and she proudly starts telling that she already had a shooting together with Daniela Hantuchova for a fashion magazine, but she never saw the pictures. We promise to burn her a CD with all photos immediately after the shooting, which we agree to have at the following day at 10 a.m. near the hotel.

Michaela Pastikova is watching a match of Lenka Nemeckova, and I take the opportunity to approach her. Within two minutes, she is enthusiastic and agrees a shooting the next day.

After a while, Eva Fislova shows up and sits down next to Michaela and I repeat my story. Eva does not find herself attractive enough for a photo shooting, but after some talking she finally agrees for the next day.

While I watch a match, Julia Vakulenko is sitting down next to me as she has the next match on this very court. I cannot let this occasion pass without a try, hence I show her my album. She likes it, and especially enjoys some snap shots of Ana Paula Neffa, the daughter of Rossana de los Rios. “She’s so cute,” comments Julia. Before she leaves to prepare for her match, we agree a photo session during the week. Unfortunately, she lost her match clearly to Alexandra Wozniak, and another photo chance was gone.

Conchita Martinez Granados arrives at the club; we say hello with kisses and a hug.

Andre and I are taking pics at Paula Garcia’s doubles with Kildine Chevalier standing very next to court No. 1, when one of the umpires shows up and asks us to leave for security reasons. We are the only spectators on this court, and I reply: “we are not dangerous”. He insists that we have to leave. I kindly ask him if he could ask Anne Lasserre-Ulrich, the chief umpire and sort of tournament director if she would confirm his instructions. After a while, Anne shows up and tells us that the way that we are standing on (about three meters width) has to be kept free for an emergency case on centre court. In fact, at this time, there are about ten spectators on centre court who could be evacuated easily, even if we would remain on this security path, but she leaves us no alternative. We ask her if we are allowed to take position directly on court, which she confirms is ok, and which is even better for us.

In the public restaurant, having another beer, Ashley Harkleroad shows up, together with her dad and a young man who looks like a French clochard. While they have sandwiches and Cokes, and bearing in mind our successful arrangements for off court shootings, I approach her. What do I have to loose?

I tell them about our project, presenting my album. Ashley does not say a word, she does not even take the album, so I have to turn the pages by myself. The first question of her dad: “what’s your profit in selling the photos? What do you pay us for the photo session?” My argument that there is no profit is not accepted. My offer that they will receive a CD with all photos including all rights to use the photos for free for their own purposes, is not sufficient. “We will think about it...” is to be understood as a clear “no”.

In the evening, we have another pizza at the beach restaurant. At tables near by, there are Michaela Pastikova and Lenka Nemeckova; at another table are Mailyne Andrieux and Laurene Fayol and their coaches.

Tuesday, June 07

At 10 a.m., we meet Dia Evtimova in the lobby of her hotel. She looks fantastic in her colourful short skirt. We cross the street to a nice park where we have a great shooting. Dia moves like a professional model. After about half an hour, when we feel all our ideas have been done, she proposes to go to her room for changing her clothes and have another shooting at the hotel’s pool. We happily agree, wondering what dress she will show us now. She returns in a white / red top and pink shorts, and we take some more pics beside the pool. It’s one of the nicest shootings that we ever had.

At our hotel room, we edit all pics, burn a CD for Dia, which takes us about one hour, and when we leave the hotel for the club, we happen to encounter Dia and her dad, stuffing their baggage into their car. We hand over the CD, and she expresses her deep thanks. What a lovely girl.

When we start the car, the signal for low gasoline comes again, but we are extremely late today and have no time for a stop at the petrol station.

During Caroline Dhenin’s double with Liga Dekmeijere, I take some action pics of Caroline. I happened to have dinner with her in Strasbourg and it was such a nice evening that I thought she might enjoy to have some action shots of herself. When sitting on the terrace after her match, Caroline shows up and I show her some of the pics on the camera’s display. She likes the pics, although she mentions “I guess I should lose some weight, shouldn’t I?” Who am I to comment at this statement.

I happen to encounter Michaela Pastikova and ask her if 6 p.m. is ok for the shooting. She replies that she has thought it over but she has no suitable clothes with her. “They all look so beautiful in your book, but I have nothing adequate to wear.” – “Come on, some jeans and a t-shirt is quite ok.” Well, after some discussion she finally agrees.

Our shooting with Paula Garcia is scheduled for 4 p.m., but at before 3, she shows up asking if we could do it right away. This proposal is welcome, but as she is wearing just her practice suit, we propose that Andre should take her to the hotel to change, while I walk to the beach to meet them there, and this is what we do.

Paula’s shooting is very nice; we have some French spectators who ask if she is a model. We explain that she is a famous Spanish tennis player (which is not a lie).

Returning to the club, we realize we have missed Eva Fislova’s match, which she has lost. I decide to watch Poutchek-Fayol on centre court. Poutchek is crying as she is losing clearly to a No. 980 WTA ranking player.

Perfect timing sees us arrive at 6 p.m. sharp at the hotel for the shooting with Michaela. She is wearing jeans and a white pullover with a union jack. She does not really like to have her hair down but we agree she will after half of the session. After five minutes, we inform her that half of the session is done but she does not believe us. We take some very nice portraits and my favourite pic is the background pic on my notebook now, which proves how much I like them.

While saying good bye, I ask Michaela if she sees Eva Fislova in the hotel that she might tell her we are still hoping for a shooting with her. Michaela promises to relay the message.

We have to hurry back to the club, in order to see Ashley Harkleroad’s match vs. Emily Loit, which she very clearly loses 1:6 0:6. Each of us, Andre and I, take about 100 pics of Ashley. I cannot deny feeling some satisfaction at Ashleys defeat, after all that super-star behaviour of her clan.

After the match, we try a new pizzeria, but their pizza is not in keeping with their name “Dolce Vita”. The pizza is even worse than those at the other restaurants.

We realize that a player and her father are passing by for another restaurant and the following day we identify her as Mathilde Johansson.

After another beer at the hotel pool, we spend two hours in the hotel room burning photo CD’s for the players.

Wednesday, June 08

The day starts with the petrol warning again. We decide to finally fulfil the car’s wishes and then drive to the club.

We hand over the CD to Michaela Pastikova; she did not see Eva last night but she proposes to send an SMS text message as Lenka might have her phone number. Michaela walks down to Lenka on the practice court; we watch her typing a message on her mobile, but she returns to us informing that the message was not delivered; Eva must either still be sleeping or already sitting in her plane. We thank Michaela for her deep involvement.

Andre approaches Mathilde Johansson who officially is French but looks like a Scandinavian. She, in fact, was born in Sweden but with her parents she emigrated to France when she was four months old. She enjoys the album and happily agrees to have a photo session with us the following day.

Conchita asked me if I could take some match action photos for her and gave me a sheet of paper with her address where I should mail the CD to. While watching Conchita’s match on centre court, Andre informs me that Eva Fislova is sitting on the terrace watching Lenka Nemeckova’s doubles match. As Eva obviously wants to watch her friend’s match to the end, I propose to her to have the session right after the match to which she agrees. We walk about five minutes to a nearby park with a huge palace and a wonderful flower garden next to a lake, which gives us several themes. Eva obviously enjoys the session as much as we do and some great shots are the result. After almost a full hour we return to the club. As Eva’s flight to London is scheduled for today, she asks us to hand over the photo CD to Lenka Nemeckova.

We use the same place for the photo session with Mathilde Johansson two hours later. Meanwhile a peacock and his hen have shown up presenting his feather display to her, which is a nice background for some portraits of Mathilde. Mathilde’s father joined us, and while watching he has to reply to several spectators’ questions as who the model is, which he proudly does.

Thursday, June 09

We decide to do some sight seeing and drive over the mountains to Cassis and La Ciotat. These small towns have some nice beaches, and we enjoy watching some peaches… topless girls sunbathing do not mind to be photographed; some even smile into the camera.

Back at the club, we deliver our CD’s to Mathilde Johansson and to Lenka Nemeckova who promises to hand it over to Eva Fislova.

Friday, June 10

Travel day to Calais; we start in Marseille at 10.00 and arrive at 19.00. We had reserved accommodation at “ibis” hotel already in Marseille; had steak at an English pub style restaurant; although they have lots of British guests, the French waiters do not speak a single word of English.

Saturday, June 11

Our last “Petit Dejeuner” at the hotel, looking forward to the full English breakfast with bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes etc..

We experience that the simple “car ferry” signs just lead to the P&O Ferry terminal. As we are booked with Hoverspeed, we have to transfer to the Hoverport via a gate, which normally is reserved for Customs internal use only.

The ferry to Dover takes just one hour, which I use to updating this diary. The car ride to Eastbourne takes two more hours and we arrive at noon.

Maria Sanchez Lorenzo’s match vs Tatiana Panova is second match on court 3, which leaves just some time for taking pics of Tatiana Perebiynis and Emmanuelle Gagliardi.

Maria wins the first set easily but my worse expectations come true: she loses the second and although fighting like hell cannot win the third. She saw me during the match while I supported her but after the match she leaves the court immediately, which leaves no occasion for a hello.

I talked to her coach the following day when he worked with Arancha Parra, and he confirmed Maria was terribly frustrated and decided to take the next flight home to Barcelona returning to Wimbledon on Friday.

I meet Yuliana Fedak UKR on the ground; although she appears to be very shy, she is obviously happy to see us still remembering our conversation one year ago in Marseille 2004 about a photo session. We mention that we missed her last week in Marseille, but an ITF 50,000 tournament is too small for her. She has gained a lot of ranking points in the last 12 months. Anyway she still is interested in a photo session and asks her coach for permission. As he leaves it for her to decide she proposes Sunday at 14.00.

For dinner, we check the MAXIM bar, which we have good memories to from last year, but we realize that not only the bar girls have changed that there must be a new cook for the bar food too.

Everyone argues that in Europe the new Euro made prices increase, only in Britain the prices remained the same. We can prove it’s not true. The pint of Guinness has increased from £1.90 to £2.50 in a year ….

Sunday, June 12

In the press room, trying to start my notebook, I realize I have forgotten my adapter to connect my European plug into British fittings. Thanks to the press chief I use his personal adapter for an hour, which allows me to upload all my photos from the camera memory chips to my notebook, releasing the chips for further use.

At 1 p.m.Yuliana Fedak shows up asking to move the shooting to tomorrow, same time as Kim Grant had asked her to play doubles qualification with her and any grass court practice is welcome, Yuliana has agreed of course. As a result this is another occasion for us for some more match photos of her.

Monday, June 13

Andre returns from Court 1 telling me he took match photos of Anna Chakvetadze RUS. He is completely enthusiastic about her. Later in the day we see her walking by and we immediately decide to approach her and present our album. She is very friendly, although she has never seen us before and checks the album from the first to the last page. When seeing the pics of Elena Vesnina, which we took in Marseille one year ago she calls out “That was you taking these pictures? Elena is my best friend, and she showed them to me but she did not say it was a professional shooting!” With these pics, the ice was broken and Anna proposed to have the shooting that same day. We agree to pick her up at her hotel at 17.00. As the hotel is located directly on the Beach Promenade, we just cross the street to the park of the Wish Tower and take some really very nice pics. Anna’s very long hair is blown by the strong wind when she sits down on a small wall; we asked her to never ever cut her hair and she promises.

Having exchanged addresses for keeping contact, a new slogan is born for us: “Anna Chakvetadze … more than just another Anna!”

Before the shooting with Anna, we had that agreed session with Yuliana Fedak. She turned out to be a very nice and cute person and the session was really fun. Yuliana told us that she was enjoying one day completely without any tennis, just doing some shopping around noon and after our photo session, she just went on to the city for some more shopping. She had to travel to Wimbledon the following day as it would be the last day for signing in.

Tuesday, June 14

After breakfast, I walk to town and buy an adapter, as I urgently need new space on my memory cards, and I cannot bother the press chief another time.

My friend Chris arrives at 10.30. I have organized a guest badge for him so he can save the money on tickets.

We watch the Junior’s competition which is played in Round Robin system, hence every player has two matches, no matter if she wins or not, which leaves us enough occasion to take photos of every single player..

Lots of good looking young girls can be watched; my personal favourites are

Natasha Khan GBR,

Raluca Olaru ROM (with this first name, reminding me of Raluca Sandu, she is a special attraction for me),

Magy Aziz EGY,

Lauren Dossor GBR, and last but not least at all:

Caroline Wozniacki DEN.

Caroline is a cute blond girl. While I take some more match photos at Anna Chakvetadze’s match on court 2, Andre talks to Caroline and her father and agrees an off court photo session on one of the following days depending on how she would perform during the tournament. At least she wins her first two matches.

While Chris watches the double of Dechy/Mauresmo, Andre and I watch Dani Hantuchova vs.Lucky Loser Maria Vento-Kabchi. I love the view from the photographers’ dugout; you sit as deep, like you were lying in the grass, which makes the photos really special. Additionally, in the late afternoon we are sitting in the bright sunshine of the setting sun, which gives the players another special appearance. My favourite umpire Jeremy Shales does the match; to me he is the perfect example of an English gentleman.

Dani fights like hell, plays with high risk but finally fails. One of the most promising players is defeated in the first round. After the match, seeking Chris, I see Dani passing by, not looking left or right; none of the autograph collectors are successful this time, she even ignores her coach Nigel Sears, who tries to approach her. Daniela is straight heading to the exit hurrying to the hotel.

We had dinner at the pizzeria with Chris, next table to Shinobu Asagoe and Ai Sugiyama and their clans.

In the Cavaliers Pub, during our second pint of Guiness, the umpire Jeremy Shales enters and has a beer at the bar. Andre and I discuss if we should ask him to our table but this might offend him. At least, I want to let him know that we recognize him from the court; I decide to make a remark like “you did a good job today, except that you decided the wrong winner”, when we pass him when leaving, but exactly when we stand up he leaves for the loo.

Wednesday, June 15

As it is raining all morning, I use the time for editing my photos and completing this diary in the media centre.

The matches start late.

Anna Chakvetadze plays Svetlana Kuznetsova on centre court. I take about 150 photos during this thrilling match. Anna has great chances, it is a tough match and Anna is clearly dominating; I am already preparing my video equipment to tape the press conference of the winner over the defeated champion but Anna has some bad luck at the end. Kuznetsova wins to her great surprise.

When I change to court 2 for Myskina vs. Vento-Kabchi, I see Anna’s father using his mobile. Anna comes up with tears running down her face; her father hands over the phone, and Anna just cries into the phone without speaking.

We notice Daniela heading for the practice courts; while she prepares for practice, her coach Nigel Sears spots me and calls across the court: “Hello, Dieter, how are you? Good to see you.”

In the Plate Tournament, which is arranged for those players who lost in the first round to give them some more practice on grass, Anne Kremer beats Marlene Weingärtner 61 61.

In the Juniors event, Caroline Wozniacki plays Bolivian Maria Fernanda Alvares; Maria does not really look like a tennis player; to be honest she is quite fat. If the ideal model measures are 90-60-90, Maria might have 110-110-110. But somehow, I am amazed by her appearance - she has got some game.

Anna Chakvetadze shows up to watch the match of her friend Caroline. I approach her and comment on her match; we exchange e-mail addresses for mailing some more match pics.

I take a video of Caroline’s last game as I did in her previous matches. A spectator happens to ask her some questions about herself, she happily replies to all questions and I tape it. I am confident that she will love this nice memory when I might give it to her in ten years. Either she will be ranked WTA number 1 then and will enjoy watching one of her first matches, or she will have retired by then; in that case it will be even a more worthy memory.

When the sun sets, it becomes rather cold. –

As it is rather late for dinner, and all restaurants are quite a distance away, we decide to go to a Chinese restaurant next to the Cavalier’s pub. There is only just one table with guests: Ai Sugiyama and her coach and her hitting partner. Their baggage is lying all around them; they have just dropped in on their way home to the hotel. They have almost finished and leave just as our meal is served. When they pass our table, we just smile to each other.

Arriving in our pub, Jeremy is already there, sitting at the bar. While Andre and I have two Guinness each, he has three John Smith.

Thursday June 16

Raining again in the morning, which allows me to edit my photos again at the media centre.

Later, when I walk around the practice courts, I realize Ai Sugiyama sitting down on the grass and binding her shoes. When she sees me coming closer, she smiles and says “hello”. I am totally surprised as she must have seen me on several tournaments during the last ten years, but she acknowledged me yesterday for the first time.

Dani Hantuchova is practicing with her coach and a hitting partner, who seems to be hired for these three or four weeks of Eastbourne and Wimbledon. He is a retired ATP player, but I am unable to discover his name; anyway he is a fine person: he makes some jokes, and Dani is deeply laughing about it. All her frustration from her lost singles match has gone. Nigel realizes this and calls over to me: “Dieter, take a picture. She is laughing again…”

Later in the day, I run into Nigel and we talk a while. I mention that I had talked to Dani, when I saw her in Berlin, if she might like a new photo session in Eastbourne, and she had promised to ask her management if she might be allowed to do this. But Nigel doesn’t know as he is not involved in that side of the business. I mention that she might not be in the mood for a photo shoot this week anyway and he points out: “Whenever she has a bad week, her frustration is gone the next day. As you saw in the practice, she is quite happy again”.

When I meet Andre on the ground, he informs me, he has arranged a photo session with Caroline Wozniacki at 7 p.m. As it is a rather chilly day getting colder the later it becomes, we decide to forget our original plan to go to the pier for the session with Carol. Checking the locations on the tennis ground for a indoor shooting, we happen to see the interior of the Floral Hall, which is a rather old fashioned, typically English, somehow Victorian-style hall.

Andre checks with the security guard that he will keep the doors open till 8, which allows us a session without any time pressure. Carol shows up in NIKE tennis shoes, a short T-shirt and a vest and army trousers in camouflage colours. She wears her long blond hair down.

There is a large stage in the hall on which we position her like a performing artist, and she takes up position like a supermodel. We use a bright staircase, covered with red carpet, for some more pics as well as some wooden walls. After a while, Carol’s friend Anna Tatishvili shows up informing us that the service men want to close the doors; only now do we realize that it is a few minutes before eight. The whole hour has gone like it was ten minutes.

We have dinner at the Chinese again. Next table to us is sitting Jana Novotna and her girl friend, who is scheduled to have an exhibition match with Martina Hingis the following day.

Emmanuelle Gagliardi shows up and orders some food for take away.

Friday, June 17

In the press room, after editing my photos, I burn a CD for Carol with the off court pics of yesterday and all her match photos that I have. I have to delete lots of pics until they all fit on a CD of 700MB. Luckily, Carol is just practicing with Anna when I arrive at the practice courts. As soon, as she spots me she proposes to Anna to have a break for some water, but instead of sitting down she comes over to me and I hand over the CD, which she takes with many thanks.

On centre court, yesterday’s quarter final match Myskina-Vinci has to be finished as it was suspended. Vinci wins 64 76 (3). The match is followed by the first semi final match of Kim Clijsters vs. Svetlana Kuznetsova, which Kim wins 64 36 64. Andre and I are as happy as Kim is as we are not interested to have Kuznetsova in the final.

On court 3, Carol plays her final in the juniors event. She easily wins over Claire Peterzan GBR in a quick two setter 62 61. I take a video again of her match point and the very short ceremony, which she hopefully will enjoy some day.

Next court, her friend Anna Tatishvili plays Maria Fernanda Alvares for position 7 or 8 in the competition, which Anna wins, as Maria feels “pain in my ass”, as she describes to the umpire, when she asks for a physio.

In the evening, Chris shows us a new pub: Wetherspoon’s, which serves some nice food, and the beer is even cheaper than at The Cavalier. And in the pub there are some very nice girls.

We have another two Guinness at Cavalier’s, before we call it a day.

Saturday, June 18 FINAL

Final’s day starts with editing photos again. It is a very sunny day, and I watch the practice of Rennae Stubbs and Lisa Raymond (which I normally never do) due to their new coach Gigi Fernandez. I haven’t seen her for years, and she still is beautiful. I take two memory cards of portrait photos, hoping that at least one of them will be able to show her beauty.

The final starts at 11.30 a.m. Kim Clijsters beats qualifier Vera Douchevina 75 61. Reaching the final of Eastbourne is the best success in the young career of 18 yo Vera. We join Vera’s press conference but she does not really have much to say. At her young age she is not really experienced in interviews. Just the opposite is Kim in her interview; the journalists just have to raise one theme and she talks about it for minutes.

The doubles final starts at 2 p.m., but Andre and I decide to use the rest of this beautiful sunny day for a sight seeing trip to Brighton. I have been in Brighton several times before but always in October for the indoor tennis event at the Brighton Centre. Therefore I have not been aware that it might be a bit more crowded on this hot and sunny Saturday afternoon; simply finding a parking sport takes us almost an hour. There are thousands of people on the streets, and another thousand on the beach.

We remember just two days ago, when we had to decide for an indoor shooting due to chilly weather.

On Brighton beach, we spot three topless women among thousands, and as I have an experienced eye I am sure I did not miss that many.

We walk up and down the Brighton Pier and the Lanes, which are very small streets with shops.

I happen to find the pizzeria of Donatello’s, where we used to have our dinner during the tennis tournament of Brighton many years ago. Regretfully, the Christmas shop just across the street does not exist any more; they used to sell nothing else but Christmas things throughout the year. Maybe it was not profitable enough in summer time …

We drive home to Eastbourne and have some good bye beers at Cavalier’s; say bye to Toby, the bar man and Sally, his assistant.

Sunday, June 19 Travel day back home

Just after breakfast we drive to Dover, reach the departure of our ferry without waiting even one minute. The batteries of my note book are fine to complete this diary on board during the trip.

My guess is we will reach Calais at 1.30 p.m. European time, will drive abt. 4 hours to Andre’s home, where I will change to my own car for another 4 hours ride back to Hamburg.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this diary as much as Andre and I enjoyed the trip and hope to write/read us again after our next trip.

For the time being, please see the following on line galleries


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Thanks alot dieter! great report, i am just checking your photos now ;)

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hey Joe, was Mr Bean at the finals? where was he sitting?/was mr clappy the guy with the light blue hat?

:wooo: I think I've seen him ;) :p

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Bean goes to eastbourne for the full 8 days :D every year!! he was sitting in the front row, to the right of the umpires chair! i saw him on tv a couple of times (clappy doesnt come to eastbourne, hes probably a brummy).

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danke Dieter!!! :D interessanter Bericht und super Bilder wie immer! :yeah:

du solltest so was auch mal wieder im deutschen thread posten, damit da mehr los ist ;)
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