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Did you guys hear Tracy Austin?

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something like "Lindsay should be serving a lot better especially since she's so tall, 5"2.5' " LOL
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Midnite Surfer said:
I swear to god if I hear Tracy or anyone else mention Kim's soccer playing dad and gymnast mother one more time I am going kick a hole in the television. They're like friggin robots!!! :fiery:

"She's so strong and flexible...beep"
its called a mute button.

...or selective hearing. learn it and love it or shut the fuck up. :)
i use it all the time.

and she is strong and flexible.
Midnite Surfer said:
no silly lol. kimmie

i dunno, when tracy talks i dont hear her. i just blur her out... i do this with a lot of people :)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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