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I'm playing in an online Tennis game, and have done OK so far this year. Right now, for RG, I've got:

Williams - Qtr 1
Kuzzy - Qtr 2
(Empty) - Qtr 3
Hingis - Qtr 4

I'd LIKE to have a true potential winner in each quarter.

Here's where it gets tough to decide (UNDER-statement)... *LOL* I can afford (the game has you 'purchase' players) to add to the above EITHER:

Masha (Q2) and JuJu (Q3) ...OR...
Masha (Q2) and Petrova (Q3) ...OR...
Petrova (Q3) and Kimmy (Q4)

(Can't afford Masha (Q2) and Kimmy (Q4)... or JuJu (Q3) and Kimmy (Q4).)

Masha - Semi's 4 of the last 5 tournaments (QF's in the 5th), and QF's the last two FO's... but she has BARELY played at all this year!!

JuJu - Last 4 FO's: Two WINS... and two 2nd R exits!! Plus, remember that injury she suffered at the AO.

Petrova - 3 QF's and 1 SF over the past 4 GS's, and she's been on FIRE on clay this year.

Kimmy - Like JuJu, she's had some injury problems this year, and has had some unexpected losses of late. Last 4 GS's: two 4th R's, a SF, and a WIN.

Man, I HATE this. I suspect that the winner will be in that group of four. I can only pick TWO of them, though!! Which ones to pick? :D

I'm not really 'asking for help', here... I'm gonna have to make this decison on my own... but, I AM really curious about who you guys would pick, given these possibilites. :)
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