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Deadlines - I see a problem...

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Recently I get confused with the deadlines... in some tournaments it seems the deadlines were allready over by the time the thread has started, in others there were various deadlines on the same week...
Do other players see that problem as well?

Last night I wanted to change my commitment from Dubai, and I thought that Friday evening in America is still OK to move to Memphis or Bogota...
It turned out that in both tournaments the deadline was over... in Bogota the deadline was stated as February 17, and I assumed it means February 17 Bogota time, but the manager is Australian and he used his local time...

I think the deadlines should be clear and not ambiguos, and the same rule should apply to all tournaments.
I would accept whatever decision is taken, as long as it's clear...
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This is what I suggest:

1. The deadlines should be stated on the commitments thread beside the list of tournaments.
2. It should be stated clearly the time in which the deadline expire. It could be a general time for all tournaments (for example GMT or east Australia time) or the local time in each tournament.
3. The deadline should also be stated clearly on the tournament thread.
James said:
I agree with that. You are free to change last minute, but that is at your own risk.
In order to make a late change, you should know when is the "last minute". This is the meaning of deadline.
If I can know what is the deadline and I miss it, I don't blame anyone but myself.
I think you are allowed to change your mind from December to February or March.

Some people, including myself, choose the tournament they like to play based on the number of players, who is the manager, and whether favorite players are entered unto the "real" tournament. You don't know those factors 2 months in advance.

My main rant is that there's no general policy here, and it seems that the deadlines are determined by the managers with no consistency. All I ask is that there would be a rule that will allow me to know the deadline in advance. It could be a week in advance if so decided by the people who run this wonderful game, as long as that rule is applied.
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jrm said:
You aren't newbie so you know that most people prefer to play bigger events when more than 2 tournaments per week are played. Therefore Dubai would automatically fall out for you (if you prefer events with lesser players).

Ben said it nicely - he's been regualry updating PAW Entry List for Bogota :worship:
My preferences may have changed from December to February. It's not automatic choice for me, I play a mixture of big and small tournaments. I had a difficult time recently and I thought I better play more small tournaments. I don't change my commitments very often.
Until recently, the deadline for commitments was Saturday or Sunday. Now I don't know if there's a change of policy, or it's up to the manager in each tournament to decide when is the deadline.
I think it would be better to have a general policy in this issue.
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