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Feel really bad for Lindsay.

She plays great all week and then has her problems in the final against Jennifer. Jennifer was playing in G.S. form and Lindsay just could not move. Lindsay's serve was also not the normal weapon, and Jennifer's serve has become one....

Lindsay will come out on crutches if that is what it means to play on Monday. I really think it would have been great for the US Open to put her as the night match, (considerding she has won this event).

She is going to need a little luck to even make it past Monday.
Wtih no practice today - she will need to be able to come out and win in straight sets, as I don't think she could go 3.

Hope that she gets a little luck and can stay healthy.

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M2k said:
It's too bad about her many injuries :sad: ever since she had that injury in the middle of 2000 :mad: her tennis and attitude were never the same :tape: but anyways GO LINDSAY!! :hearts:
yeah its since she started wearing her hair in a ponytail i tell you! :mad: ;)

good luck linds :worship:
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