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Agassi considering Cahill as coach

February 7, 2002

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Tennis star Andre Agassi is considering Australian Darren Cahill as his next coach after parting company with longtime coach Brad Gilbert a week ago.

Cahill split with world No. 1 tennis player Lleyton Hewitt in December.

But Agassi is holding off on selecting a coach until he is completely healthy, a spokesman said.

Agassi, 31, withdrew from last month's Australian Open with a wrist complaint.

``He is not prepared to make a coaching decision until he has been cleared by his doctor to play,'' Agassi spokesman Todd Wilson told The Associated Press on Thursday. ``However, he does appreciate Darren's work as a coach and there is a strong likelihood that Darren will be his coach.''

With Gilbert, Agassi won six Grand Slam titles, a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics and held the No. 1 ranking in the world at the end of 1999. Agassi is the only man to have won all four Grand Slam titles as well as an Olympic gold medal.

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updated at Thu Feb 7 16:19:55 2002 PT


Interesting indeed! Good to hear that Cahill might be back to work after being dumped in December though :)
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