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I am still genuinely pessimistic FKA! Oudin can hit some great winners off her forehand and will probably be told to come into the net a lot. Plus there the scarily wild home crowd who'll cheer Caro's DF's and errors, remember Melbourne :sad:
How about making really sure of it, tell us if you are going to see the match (with details, wash newly cut hair, cut toe nails, iron the cat etc)
Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, Know what I mean Know What I mean, Squire.

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With Kuznetsova out all Russian girls has been eliminated before the quaterfinals, who would have guessed that?
In the firt 4 rounds Oudin has only met Russian girls and eliminated the all.
How will she handle against a non Russian?

When was the last grand slam without a single Russian girl in the quater finals?

And 4 out of 8 players left are unseeded. I don't think it' very common to have that many unseeded players in the quaters.

Wozniacki is the only seeded player left in her half of the draw.
Found this:
The last time there was not a Russian in the final eight was at the French Open in 2002, 29 majors ago. The last time it happened at the Open was 2001.

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I'm so happy for Caro! :worship: After that 1st set it looked like it could be over so quickly, but no she hung on in there and got it done eventually! Amazing!! :hearts:

First GS QF!! :bowdown:

Oudin, will be tough as Caro is play against her and the crowd. :unsure:

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It's wonderful that Caro won and finally got past that 4R hurdle everyone has been talking about. But the match also highlighted the shortcomings of her game and why she wins too rarely against top players. SK completely dominated the 1st set and for most of the 2nd set it was still the Russian who dictated the flow of the match. She was the one who lost games, it wasn't Caro who won them. Not until 5-6. Then Caro finally took charge and started to really win points. One of the things I have been lamenting most about Caro's game in the past was her seeming inability to change a losing strategy. Here, in the 20th game of the match and one game away from defeat, Caro finally showed that she can change and improve her play during a match. That to me was the most positive thing about the match (besides the win itself).

The next thing I'm hoping for from Caro is a change of style so she'll be more in charge of her own fate and won't be depending on an opponent meltdown like SK's to save her. We have seen several times what happens when a consistent (but passive) Caro plays against a consistent top player with more power; the last match against Dementieva, against Safina, twice against Azarenka etc, all clear losses in straight sets. Caro won't be able to advance to the next level until she's able to defeat a top player who's having a good day.

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Getting out of bed and finding this result was the perfect start of the day:cool:

Please make the final Caroline:bounce:

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I posted this on GM too , but I think last night showed that Caro is one of the best defenders on tour right now , granted SK had a meltdown and other opponets would've finished off those points but some of the shots that Caro got back into play were incredible!

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Caroline Woniacki's matcch yesterday made her (and her breasts) very popular search topics at Google USA's daily top 100.
Oudin's colorful shoes was also popular and it looks like a lot of hopeful young boys wanted to check if she already has a boyfriend.
Even Nicola Vaidisova made it to the list, I guess the American commentators must have mentioned Stepanek dating Vaidisova during his match.
Kuznetsova and Petrova are also presnet in the top 100 a bit further down the list.
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From the article:
Kuznetsova, distraught by her woeful performance on numerous key points, was asked how the Dane might fare against Oudin.

“I don’t know,” she said, “I don’t really care.”
Yeah, I also laughed when I read it. Kuzzy was obviously still very upset and frustrated during her interview. What the hell was the reporter thinking when he/she asked that moronic question?

The next thing I'm hoping for from Caro is a change of style so she'll be more in charge of her own fate and won't be depending on an opponent meltdown like SK's to save her. We have seen several times what happens when a consistent (but passive) Caro plays against a consistent top player with more power; the last match against Dementieva, against Safina, twice against Azarenka etc, all clear losses in straight sets. Caro won't be able to advance to the next level until she's able to defeat a top player who's having a good day.
Bingo. Not really change of style, but add a mix into it. She does have some weapons, but more often than not she chooses not to use them and rely on consistent defense. I'd like to see her develop her transitional offense. Maybe she's thinking one thing at a time. She's improved her serves greatly, so maybe this will be her next step.

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Wozniacki's breasts :sobbing: Glad she is getting more popular! Videos like that are ALL over YouTube this evening :crying2: Hilarious!

Hope Caro and her breasts beat Mel and the US crowd!

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I am even more convinced that Caroline will qualify for YEC at Doha, and today in the middle of our celebration, I read TBAs post in the Luxemborg Early Entries thread

full list out

Wozniacki heads list
Razzano & Schnyder from top 20

Oudin is last entry #70
This what October looks like for Caroline

Sep 27-Oct 3   Tokyo              Prem
Oct 3-11       Beijing            Prem
Oct 12-18      Osaka              Inter

Oct 17-25      Luxemborg          Inter

Oct 27-Nov 1   Doha
Think of the flying times and jet lag Osaka - Luxemborg - Doha.

Osaka And Luxemborg are only International and unimportant, who knows when she will get this chance again.
Getting anywere at Doha will be difficult enough without that schedule.

Better stop now before I get into a Anti Team Wozniacki Rant.:mad:

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I'll smack the shit out of Caro if she plays all those events. :eek: Not only is she just begging to burn out next year, but every extra event she plays just adds on to the people who think she doesn't deserve to be in the top 8. She should only play Beijing and Luxembourg.

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I'll be the Anti Team Wozniacki Rant!

She NEEDS to rest!

Pull out of Luxembourg and Osaka! No use to her what so ever!

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It's a night match against Oudin tomorrow...AGAIN!! :mad: 7pm NY time start.

Well as long as Caro wins, I don't mind when she plays. :angel: Good luck Caro! :yeah:

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On a lighter note I think whats going on on the GM is hilarious.

The USO R4 : [9]Caroline Wozniacki pushes [6]Svetlana Kuznetsova back to Russia 26 76 76 Thread from Yesterday, 03:40 AM is now 309 posts long.

The Let's give Wozniacki some credit here... from Yesterday, 04:22 AM is now 146 Posts long.

The USO QF Melanie Houdini Oudin Vs [9] Caroline Wozniacki from Yesterday, 04:12 AM is now 74 posts long.

Plus theres a couple of others involving Caroline.

Its the usual Hater, Troll piss. Except this time they seem so incensed that the threads are going on much longer than usual.

Plus theres a new twist, some have just started hating Oudine very much.
A new victim with a lot of USA hype.

And several CW haters say they will cheer for Caroline for the first and only time "so she can take Oudin out"
And an absolute first is the poll from above has Caroline leading 103 - 55, again I think some of it comes from better the shit you know than the younger, more hyped opstart shit

Go figure :weirdo:

Sometimes that circus over there reminds me of school yard populated with 11-12-13 year olds, other times a half way house for the criminally insane. But not much to do with people who like tennis.

Definitly lunatic fringe. I am glad that they have security behind the players now.

Apart from everthing other reason, I would love Caroline to get to the final just to see the resulting posts.
If she won there might be multi suicides.
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