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Dani's next tournament- FILDERSTADT

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Her next big tournament will be Filderstadt. For her it will be sth. special to come back to a place, where she celebrated afterwards her firtst time in the Top 10.
She came into the final without losing a set! In the final she lost after a great match 64, 36, 46 against Kim Cljsters.
Here the list of player's: (source: official web site:

Clijsters, Kim (is maybe injured)

Henin-Hardenne, Justine

Davenport, Lindsay

Mauresmo, Amelie

Capriati, Jennifer

Myskina, Anastasia

Rubin, Chanda

Hantuchova, Daniela

Maleeva, Magdalena

Dementieva, Elena

Martinez, Conchita

Zvonareva, Vera

Coetzer, Amanda

Sugiyama, Ai

Bovina, Elena

Shaugnessa, Meghann

Schnyder, Patty

Petrova, Nadia

Farina Elia, Silvia

Dokic, Jelena

This is a really tough field and will be a good opportunity to build up confindence for Dani by beating a good name. Maybe there will be a chance for a revanche against Patty!

Daniela may need a new car?????
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beauty_is_pink said:
even if Daniela played against the #1 seed in the world and had no chance because she wasnt playing her best, I'd still rooot and cheer for her!! :bounce:
Ahem... she does have a chance, a good one too!

Anyway, we're getting ahead of ourselves... there's still Lisa Raymond.

Always on the :bounce: Daniela... we'll be :bounce:ing with you!
Getting ahead of myself a bit...

Clijsters risks ankle for ranking
From corresponents in Filderstadt, Germany
October 7, 2003

WORLD No.1 Kim Clijsters said today the ankle injury she sustained last month is recovering as she puts her ranking on the line in the WTA tournament here this week.

"I am not 100 per cent in shape, but the ankle gets better every day," she said.

"It will be alright when it is strapped, so if nothing else happens to me, I will play."

The Belgian was forced to retire during her semi-final with Anastasia Myskina in the Leipzig tournament on September 27 after twisting her ankle three days before the match when walking out of the players' lounge.

She has not played since and stands a real chance of losing her top ranking if she performs badly in the $650,000 tournament.

Her rival and fellow Belgian, Justine Henin-Hardenne, ranked second, must reach the final and hope Clijsters does not in order to dethrone her from the No.1 spot.

If Clijsters also makes the final, Henin-Hardenne must beat her.

The prospect does not faze Clijsters despite her defeats to Henin-Hardenne in the finals of the French and US Opens this year, and the controversy over accusations by Clijsters' camp that Henin-Hardenne used performance-enhancing drugs, claims that were hastily retracted.

"We have good relations with Justine," said Clijsters. "It's a mix of friendship, team spirit and respect. We often joke together."

As top seed, Clijsters will probably not play her first match until Thursday when she is likely to face Slovakia's Daniela Hantuchova who meets a qualifier in the first round.
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I will cheer for Daniela no matter who she plays against (well, there's actually only one exception)! :bounce: And I will always root for her no matter what happens!!
beauty_is_pink said:

Let's jus cheer for her NO MATTER WHAT!!!

even if Daniela played against the #1 seed in the world and had no chance because she wasnt playing her best, I'd still rooot and cheer for her!! :bounce:

Good Luck tomorrow Daniela!!! keep the faith going!!!!
That's the spirit, Pinky! :worship: Go, Dani, Go!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
No matter the time, no matter the situation, I will always cheer Daniela, all the way! :yeah: :bounce:

Good Luck Daniela! :wavey:
Why the hell isn't there an online scoreboard for Filderstadt? :fiery:

Typical Porsche: all style and no content! :tape:
match is about to start at 13:10 so im running 2 mate (bc some MF turned off eurosport here)
MAKAAAJ :bounce:

this is your tourney Danka :hug:

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Aha!! At least I know the time over there now!!


(Mousee, says it soo much better...)
Ideeeeees Makaaaaaaj :bounce:

Good start: Danka held serve :D

Eurosport shows it... moogie just woke up :haha:
But the :yawn: s are gone now!!! Auf geht's Danka!!
Seems like not many ppl are here so i will commentate a bit :p

Our Danielka looks marvelous :hearts: :worship: She has that huuuge necklace again :eek: :lol:

Playing alright so far, noting big happened.
Score now 2-1 for Her :)

P.S. Dokic is in the stands, she's looking grumpy again :haha:

Ideeeeeeeees Danielka :bounce:
Ideeeeeeeees Mousee (she just ran to a friend to see the match :lol: )
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Just hope that Dani can get past the first rd against Lisa..and summon that fighting spirit against a very possible clash with Kim in the next rd... ( Just wish that she's happy...)
Yeah Moogie!!! :worship:
OK. so i will go on, i have some listeners... *coughcough* ahem... :eek:

Always deuce on Raymond's serve but no BP yet :(
PODME DANKA :bounce:
Danka's serve is pretty good :) Also some serve and volley play :D Still a bit unlucky at the net but that's the way to gooo :bounce:

Commentator just talked about her dress, saying that she's concerned about her appearance and has a good sense for style... tell us sth new dude :haha: :devil:

Now deuce on Danka's serve.... Ideeeeees!!! :bounce:

Good point now by Danielka: 3-2 for our :angel:
I'm all ears Moogie!

...well, eyes y'know?
Good match so far. Danka sometimes tries to make the points too fast, resulting in some easy errors...

Raymond serving and 40-00 up :fiery: looks like the 1st easy service for her...
yep :(

Now concentrate, focus and hold Danielka :bounce:

15-00 with a huuuuge forehand :D
C'mon Dani!!!
30-15 :) (she looks sooo pretty in that light blue dress :lick: ) errrm.. back to topic.... :eek: ;) (this is the 1st match since weeks i see of er so excuse me...)
Her serve definitely has improved imo :)

Foook, easy error again and now bp for bi...errmm raymond.
But good serve so she saves that point.
Another UE so BP again :(
That backhand again :woohoo: now cheering for herself :bounce: great forehand - advantage ms Hantuchova :D Hold Dani Hold !!!

:woohoo: now She seems to be really there: 4-3 :D
Im gettin huuuuungry :eek: I got up just for the match ;)
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