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Dani's next tournament- FILDERSTADT

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Her next big tournament will be Filderstadt. For her it will be sth. special to come back to a place, where she celebrated afterwards her firtst time in the Top 10.
She came into the final without losing a set! In the final she lost after a great match 64, 36, 46 against Kim Cljsters.
Here the list of player's: (source: official web site:

Clijsters, Kim (is maybe injured)

Henin-Hardenne, Justine

Davenport, Lindsay

Mauresmo, Amelie

Capriati, Jennifer

Myskina, Anastasia

Rubin, Chanda

Hantuchova, Daniela

Maleeva, Magdalena

Dementieva, Elena

Martinez, Conchita

Zvonareva, Vera

Coetzer, Amanda

Sugiyama, Ai

Bovina, Elena

Shaugnessa, Meghann

Schnyder, Patty

Petrova, Nadia

Farina Elia, Silvia

Dokic, Jelena

This is a really tough field and will be a good opportunity to build up confindence for Dani by beating a good name. Maybe there will be a chance for a revanche against Patty!

Daniela may need a new car?????
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bracey said:
This really is the best of the best. No wonder tickets are selling rapidly.

Of course I think Daniela's going to win it but if she doesn't, I'd like to bet on Mauresmo.
I agree with bracey i think Daniela's going to win it but it thats not the case then Justine for me but...
:) :worship: :) :wavey: COME ON DANIELA! :) :worship: :) :wavey:
Yeah good win Dani! Well done :) :) :) It's a good job i had ICT today at school, i was able to keep up to date with what was happening! :) :) :wavey:
marquinho_85 said:
Swedude, thanks for the video:wavey:

the bad thing is that after 20 seconds, the image totally freezes...but who cares, she seems to be very happy and CONFIDENT!! :woohoo:

thats what i thought, she is very happy and cheery which is great! :wavey:
Hmm thats really annoying, i'll have to set the tape recorder, i'll keeping updated as i have ICT all day tomoro, lucky me! :)
beauty_is_pink said:


does anyone kno what Daniela's rank is at Filderstadt for singles and doubles?

Her single rank is 10, im not sure about the doubles. :wavey:
Unlucky Danielka, you did your best! :) :) :wavey:
wtarules said:
Well, have you watched the interview after the Raymond match? "All the pressure will be on her"... Kim played with no pressure at all! Anyway, don't worry Daniela.
I agree with you there she definately underestimated Kim, as did i.
mousee said:
BEST?! excuse me, but what did SHE???
She was not playin, just hittin the ball. Kim was not playin so good, but Dani - nothin.
as my protest-im not using smileys 2day
Hang on, Clijsters was on fire she was playing really well, i've not seen the match yet but listening on the radio the commentator said that Clijsters was playing almost flawless tennis and there wasn't a great deal Dani could do, they also that Daniela was playing ok but Clijsters simply had all the answers and more.
MaratFan4Life said:
i actually saw the match on tv... and yes Kim played great, but Dani was playing crap :( She didnt even try out there.

Well y would the commentator say that she was playing ok if shes not?
bracey said:
Stuart, you must learn that people have different interpretations of performances.
ok so did she play good or did she play crap?
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