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Dani's next tournament- FILDERSTADT

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Her next big tournament will be Filderstadt. For her it will be sth. special to come back to a place, where she celebrated afterwards her firtst time in the Top 10.
She came into the final without losing a set! In the final she lost after a great match 64, 36, 46 against Kim Cljsters.
Here the list of player's: (source: official web site:

Clijsters, Kim (is maybe injured)

Henin-Hardenne, Justine

Davenport, Lindsay

Mauresmo, Amelie

Capriati, Jennifer

Myskina, Anastasia

Rubin, Chanda

Hantuchova, Daniela

Maleeva, Magdalena

Dementieva, Elena

Martinez, Conchita

Zvonareva, Vera

Coetzer, Amanda

Sugiyama, Ai

Bovina, Elena

Shaugnessa, Meghann

Schnyder, Patty

Petrova, Nadia

Farina Elia, Silvia

Dokic, Jelena

This is a really tough field and will be a good opportunity to build up confindence for Dani by beating a good name. Maybe there will be a chance for a revanche against Patty!

Daniela may need a new car?????
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hmm... Eddy, I wonder why Anastasia's starting to grow on you?? :hehehe:
My pick other than Dani is Justine or Elena!! :D
The field is really strong!! This will be a hard tournament to win!!
I envy you Europeans!!! Tennis hardly ever gets broadcast in the US!!! And even if they do broadcast it, they never ever show any of my favorites!!!!! I hate American TV!!! :fiery:
Honestly, if I could, I would!!!
bracey said:
Why can't you?
Because I have school here in the states!!! And also, life in England is just a little too expensive for me!
okay this is way :topic:
so GOOOOOO Daniela!!
Bracey are you going to like support me financially or something?? :lol: Cause where the hell am I gonna get money?? :rolleyes:
Thanks bracey, I'll think about it! ;)
Lisa Raymond is capable of upsetting the top players. I don't know....I'm really not sure where Dani's at right now, so yeah it's hard to predict.
I will cheer for Daniela no matter who she plays against (well, there's actually only one exception)! :bounce: And I will always root for her no matter what happens!!
YAY Daniela!! :bounce:
What a convincing win over a tough opponent!!! :woohoo:
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chapel said:
mousee, i want bad reps. i honestly do!
Mike, even if all of us gave you bad reps right now, you still wouldn't be able to get those red dots, because look at all the green dots that you have!!!
Hey Jan will you cheer real loud for Dementieva!! for me!! :p
I didn't see the match, but judging on the scoreline, if Daniela was play any decent tennis, the scores would have been closer.
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