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Dani's next tournament- FILDERSTADT

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Her next big tournament will be Filderstadt. For her it will be sth. special to come back to a place, where she celebrated afterwards her firtst time in the Top 10.
She came into the final without losing a set! In the final she lost after a great match 64, 36, 46 against Kim Cljsters.
Here the list of player's: (source: official web site:

Clijsters, Kim (is maybe injured)

Henin-Hardenne, Justine

Davenport, Lindsay

Mauresmo, Amelie

Capriati, Jennifer

Myskina, Anastasia

Rubin, Chanda

Hantuchova, Daniela

Maleeva, Magdalena

Dementieva, Elena

Martinez, Conchita

Zvonareva, Vera

Coetzer, Amanda

Sugiyama, Ai

Bovina, Elena

Shaugnessa, Meghann

Schnyder, Patty

Petrova, Nadia

Farina Elia, Silvia

Dokic, Jelena

This is a really tough field and will be a good opportunity to build up confindence for Dani by beating a good name. Maybe there will be a chance for a revanche against Patty!

Daniela may need a new car?????
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Dani will play Lisa Raymond in the first round. They have only played once before, when Dani was *really* on top of her game...

QF Indian W. Mar 17 2002 D Hantuchova(18) - L Raymond(12) 6-4 6-2
Dani is first on tomorrow.

Vela Stastia Dani!! :bounce:

Order of play - Tuesday 7 October 2003
Centre Court (from 13.00hrs)
1.Hantuchova vs. Raymond
Dani and Barbara Rittner lost on the doubles to Huber and Maleeva 1-6 7-6 1-6.

Good fight back by our girls in the second set taking the TB to 3, but it wasn't to be, and in all honesty, Dani had a very weak doubles partner there, so I wasn't expecting too much. Now she can concentrate on getting to play Kim in the 2nd round.
Albireo said:
This is the first time she and Rubin haven't played together at a tournament they've both played singles in (when Rubin's been healthy) since they started. Any idea why? Have they split, or did Chanda just not join in on doubles?
Interesting observation. I hadn't even noticed that Chanda was playing and then it never occurred to me why Dani wasn't playing doubles with her. Is Chanda just coming back from an injury because she doesn't seem to have played much recently so I guess maybe she opted out of the doubles to take it easy for a while.
Daniela! :D :bounce: :yeah: :woohoo: :banana: :yippee: :dance:

Well played Dani. Lots of UE's but lots of winners as well. Good game! :yeah:

And she looks very athletic now :D
alltennis69 said:
is there anyone who taped this on eurosport, who can convert the tape to mpeg and put it up on the net...somebody here had a convertor right...??
I watched and taped the whole match today, but I'm afraid that's way too technical for me. Sorry man! :scratch: :awww:
It has to be said here in defence of Daniela, that she is not playing that badly, it is just that Kim is playing so well Dani has no reply. I think anyone would struggle to keep up with Kim when she plays like this, not just Dani.
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Well, I don't care what anyone says, very few players would have survived this kind of onslaught by Kim, very few. She has nothing to be ashamed of. Kim has been ruthless and it has nothing to do with Dani playing badly.
Nigel needs to tell his best mate how to pronounce Dani's name as well. Chris Bradnam on Eurosports is a close friend yet continues to say Hanch-ooo-kova. It's Han-TOOO-kova! :D ;) (Pronunciation purposes only) Tell him Nigel! :tape:
moogle san said:
It's not kova... :rolleyes: :p

It's Han-Toooo-CHova !!!
I know, but for pronunciation purposes only because Bradnam always gets it wrong! I know how it sounds but it's difficult to write it down, us Brits have diffilculty with throaty 'ch' sounds'!! :p :tape:
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