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Hello everybody and welcome back to another edition of Trish stratus very own "trish Horoscopes"! now today i will leqave my usual format of talking about the girls of pro tennis and talk about a few non pro up and coming canadian Juniors ( because well for 1 i am canadian and 2 i know thesze guys!)

Daniel Chu...ranked #1 nationaly in canada in the 19 and under division a very promising young player who i might add is a very refreshing character very sweet and very down to earth ( even though some of his antics are SOOOO un mature LOL! :rolleyes: ) like hell tell me when we play doubles " im going to serve and im gonna try and have the ball sling right through the fence" an LO he does it! hes a hoot and a wonderfully gifted player...very deserving of that #1 ranking watch out Agassi and Hewitt a new guys coming to town ...and hes Canadian!

Now these next two guys arent very famous nor are they as gifted tennis wise as Daniel Chu...but they are tennis players and they are brothers...twins no less, there names are Jack and Tony...of course i wont devulge there last names...heck lets just call them Jack the neural surgeon and Tony Stone faced Tom! Alright these two are great friends and they also bring an element to tennis not unlike what the william sisters bring to the WTA tour...there tall (taller than me anyhow) smart and fast...i dont see them becoming a force anytime soon...but never say never hmmm?

Ok enough of me plugging my nations up and coming tennis stars...hey speaking of stars i better get my magic ball out andd stat making those predictions!

1) Monica will retire this year ( shes just too old and really in no condition to challenge)
2) Jelena Dokic ill come out of the closet and begin a romance with one of the Dixie Chicks...Natalie Mains ( HEY thats what it says on my magic ball!)
3) Jennifer Capriati will get into a cat fight with Serena at the French open and hair will be lost ( as well as a few punches thrown)
4) Richard Williams will be arrested for conspiring to injure Kim Clijsters ( a la Tonya Harding)
5) Martina Navratilova will enter herself into Eastborn and loose in the secound round to Daniela Hontuchova ...again
6) the secound Martina...Hingis will make her official comeback at wimbledon and loose in the final to Jennifer Capriati after wasting 5 match points and a 0-5 advantage to Jennifer in the second set to loose 6-1 in the third...and will once again retire " because of my legs...there just too sore ...i just have to let go and live my life....please feel sorry for me" meh OK MARTINA!

Thats all for me...soo once again thank you for reading the often immitated never duplicated "Trish Horoscopes" - Stratusfaction Guaranteed! :kiss:
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