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I have been mourning every moment since the match, and I've been thinking about everything that has to do with Martina.

I've been reflecting, and realised a REALLY odd fact.

I have only ever seen her win two tounaments. Well, ONE really. But she won it twice.

Okay, I saw her play in the adidas 2001, and I wasn't even a fan of women's tennis, let alone Martina Hingis. I didn't have much of an idea who she was.

But I saw her play, and I thought, hmm, this may be something. So I watched her in the final, and I thought, okay, now I really know this is something. I'm gonna follow this one, for sure.

I watched her at the AO, and thats when I learnt so much about her past, since no one ever lets up on it. And how she hasn't won since '99. But she lost.

I think I saw Tokyo, where she lost to Davenport, but I think it was just the final. I didn't get to see the whole tournament.

Considering the coverage I get, I didn't see her win Doha or Dubai. And those were the last tournies she won for the year.

I saw a replay of her match against Dokic, at Wimbledon in '99, and saw how she lost there too.

I watched Roland Garros, Wimbledon 2001, and US Open. And saw her lose at these three slams too.

I watched her this year, and saw her win the adidas again.

And watched her defeat at the AO 2002.

And as for doubles, I have never seen her play with Anna before, until the adidas this year.
And I haven't seen her win a tournament in the doubles, until the AO.
I saw her lose at adidas 2001 and AO 2001.

For the remainder of last year, I just logged on to all the different official websites of each tournie Martina was in, or if it wasn't in english, just, everyday to find the results. But after Doha and Dubai, I was disappointed every time.

So all in all, I haven't been a fan for very long, have I? Not a true fan, I have no clue what happened in the most eventful time in her career so far.
And watching her, I have seen her win twice, and lose seven tournaments, in singles. And win once and lose twice in the doubles.

And I call myself a fan?! pfft.

I just wished I could have discovered this girl by the French Open '99. And I could have been a fan back then, supporting her through what seemed like the hardest time in her career, instead of being a newbie, and a so-called fan.

Well, if anyone cared enough to come in and read all this crap, thanks for wasting their time.
To anyone else who cannot give a stuff either way, forget about it.
And to anyone who's going to piss on this, no need. I know it. I'm pissing on it myself, already.
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