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Could they?

Could Kournikova or Golovin have won a Grand Slam?

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Having a bit of an argument with a fellow TF poster on MSN, who shall remain unnamed for the mean time as these claims are absolutely hysterical in my mind. He argues that had Kournikova and Golovin remained uninjured; they would have won 'at least a couple' of Grand Slams.

Your thoughts? I'm a resounding 'No. Never.'. While both were good players; there were at least 10 others capable of beating them easily at all times. They were miles behind the best of both of their respective generations. This is purely speculation, but in my mind, neither achieved anything close to even suggesting a Grand Slam title.
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Kournikova: obviously not. She couldn't win a tier two title. And she played some of her best tennis in 1998 when the field was probably at one of its all-time weakest points. I suppose she could have if she'd been given Myskina's draw at the FO 2004, but so could have most top 10 players.

Impossible to tell with Golovin because her career ended so early, like Vaidisova. Might have won a slam (Schiavone did), might never have made another semi-final.
Wrong, it was Hingis who kept her from titles that year and in 1997. She was like Roddick to Federer.
What is your point? You want us to go back in time and stop Hingis from being born. Thank god for Hingis otherwise the standard of play for the Grand Slams in 1997 would have been abominably low and players who couldn't even win ordinary titles with YEARS on the tour would have been getting their maiden titles at slams.
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