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Who would have won a hypothetical AO 2018 final between Wozniacki and Kerber?

  • Caroline Wozniacki

    Votes: 16 38.1%
  • Angie Kerber

    Votes: 26 61.9%

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One of the dumbest & most ignorant posts I've seen on this platform. Stay pressed, darling
I’m not pressed. She won Wimbledon which likely would not have happened if she won the Australian that year.

As for the insulting remarks, the less said the better.

You must be a wonderful person in real life.

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There's nothing wrong with looking back on history and imagining what could have been. I'm sure all of us on this forum have done that a few time in our lives.
sure i didn't say the threads should be banned - simply that i'm over them. yes we all indulge in "what ifs" but on this forum it generally just leads to dull, inane or bitchy comments.

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I am not really sure about this picture of a totally exhausted Kerber that was going to fold like a cheap tent. A Grand Slam final is a totally different scenario, and Kerber had already won two, while Woz had lost her two previous finals. It's hypotheticals, like the thread itself, but I am sure Kerber is the one who would have handled the situation better and raised her level. Halep might have been tired in the final, but she was also very negative, and I think that's the main reason why she lost the match when she was in a very good position to win it.

Vika has not great movement, and the reasons why Kerber loses to Stephens are Stephens' heavy top spin and high bouncing CC shots, especially off her FH side, which take Kerber out of the court and have nothing to do with the reasons she loses to Azarenka, who is a totally different kind of player from Stephens or Andreescu. And the thing about her tennis evolving with "big babe tennis" is nonsense. It's actually players that could play with controlled agression and finish points at the net, like Azarenka or Muguruza who have given Kerber some of the biggest trouble.
I stand by my comment 100%. Thanks for reading though. We can agree to disagree as always. 😉

Kerber is best against BBBs. Against these players does she play her very best tennis. We all know this. The proof is in the pudding. And the net is EXACTLY why I mentioned Azarenka if you read it again. Also, Azarenka at her best was definitelyknown for her court movement. So 1 point for you. You are keeping up with me. Little by little.
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