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Is this what we could have come to expect from a healthy Hingis, if she were still on the tour? A few wins against top ten players, and winning the titles when the biggest names weren't present? Or has Kim taken Hingis' game and evolved it for the modern game?

Serve: Kim
Return : Martina (slight edge)
Forehand: =Kim's is a weapon Martina's more consistant
Backhand: Martina(very slight edge)
Court Coverage: Kim(slight)
Net game : Hingis(hands down) :worship:
Mental : Hingis

I can't see Martina blowing, or losing a 5-1 final set lead, especially at the A.O.
love Martina! There is just no comparison between Kim and Martina...Martina has a court sense that Kim just doesn't have. And if Martina needs just one point to put Serena Williams away you'd better believe martina will stay on that ralley for as long as she needs to win that match.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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