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Contrast Kim's game to Hingis'...

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Is this what we could have come to expect from a healthy Hingis, if she were still on the tour? A few wins against top ten players, and winning the titles when the biggest names weren't present? Or has Kim taken Hingis' game and evolved it for the modern game?

Serve: Kim
Return : Martina (slight edge)
Forehand: =Kim's is a weapon Martina's more consistant
Backhand: Martina(very slight edge)
Court Coverage: Kim(slight)
Net game : Hingis(hands down) :worship:
Mental : Hingis

I can't see Martina blowing, or losing a 5-1 final set lead, especially at the A.O.
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zzzzzzzzzzz! I was talking about if she played today you himbo!

We all know she has good h2h against todays top players.

Jenns confidence seems to spike when she plays Martina.
I guess I didn't word it properly. I'm saying Kim has taken Martina's game, and evovled some aspects. She isn't even close in court sense, but she's damned consistant.
Has a better serve, forehand(???)
I agree, my first post in this thread I tried to list ea. aspect of thier games and who was best.

I think Martina's "intangibles" are still better than Kim's.
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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