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Congratulations to VENUS!!

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Congrats to VENUS for winning in Antwerp.

Win number three and more to come this year. :) :wavey: :cool:
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Yep, congrats Venus, She and Justine realy but up a great fight :) :) :)
Congrats to Venus! :)

She really looked happy and even dazzled with that trophy lol. I could see it in her eyes that she wants to take it home so she'll be doubt. ;)
Congratulations Venus Williams on your first ever carpet title! Now go for title No. 4 of 2002 and 24th overall in singles!
Yep, this was tough, both ladies fought hard!

Congrats to Ms. Venus Williams for winning the title !:bounce: :bounce:

and best wishes for both ladies in their next tournaments!

GO VENUS YOU ROCK GURL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:kiss:
Yes, congrats to Venus, though i wish you didn't have to beat 2 of my faves to get this title:sad: :sad:, still you absolutely deserved to win. :)
She's probably happy to be World #1 on Feb 25th - confirmed!!! :)

Antwerp was Venus's 24th singles title. Yahoo has it wrong at 23.


New Haven

San Diego
New Haven
New York
Olympic Gold

San Diego
New Haven
New York

Gold Coast

Can't believe I knew those off hand. Keep rolling Venus.
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I have been SO impressed by Venus post Australian Open, and by the amount she's been playing she deserves the number 1 spot (although I hope Jen gets it back :p )

That's right Ms. Venus. Another one of those "theories" is getting ready to bite the dust:

She'll NEVER be #1 ... hehehehehehehehe
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Congrats Venus!:wavey:

Well done for taking the title...and well done to Justine for putting up a good fight.
That trophy is a great way to get top players to return to Antwerp. :)

Congrats Venus! Finally, I will soon be able to legally call you the true no.1.

And thank you Juju for making Venus work for it.

(Now, if Serena can just recover and get her butt back to the courts!)
Wanna a diamond baby?

You got it !
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Great looking trophy and a diamond to boot! Doha has some work to do to keep up with this tourney but you'd think they should be able to throw in a few gems with all the oil out there.

Well done, Venus! :D

And kudos to Justine for fighting back like she did. I'm sure she gave her fans a great show. :)
Congrats to Venus! :)

I hope she'll come back next year. And mabye Justine can beat her then in the final ;)

and i forgot to congrats JUJU..
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Congratulations Venus!That sure is a pretty trophy!Good fight Justine.......:kiss:

venus looks like she is thinking " i gotta get me one of these" in the pix. she is becoming a total comedy show these days. i am so glad she seems relaxed on the tour and is ENJOYING herself. that is the most important thing.

way to go vee! congrats again on another title and capturing number one! :wavey:
Yeah Venus...Bling Bling Baby :hearts:
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