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Congrats Jelena on making the top 10, beating Francesca 6-2 6-0. You're starting to find your touch!

Not bad for a girl who's family were incredibly destitute. Go Jelena and win Moscow!

Jelena Dokic:

2001 Italian Open Champion
Toyota Princess Cup Champions

Soon to be Kremlin Cup Champion!

Anyway Jelena, just do your best and do us proud!

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Congrats Jelena on reaching top 10

She's #79 to do so since WTA ranks were started in 1975 and 4th new addition of 2001

1998 had 5 new additions
#66 Tauziat
#67 Venus Williams
#68 Anna Kournikova
#69 Patty Schnyder
#70 Dominique Van Roost

1999 had 4 new additons
#71 Serena Williams
#72 Amelie Mauresmo
#73 Julie Halard-Decugis
#74 Barbara Schett

2000 just had one new
#75 Sandrine Testud

so far 2001
#76 Elena Dementieva
#77 Kim Clijsters *
#78 Justine Henin *
#79 Jelena Dokic

** Kim/Justine both entered top 10 at same time but Kim takes #77 as she entered at #7 to Justine's #9

#80 ?????? my tip is Meghann Shaughnessy

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this is a huge milestone in her career...

top ten at the age of 18 , with posible a 3rd top tier title to come this week...

Jelena is really starting to prove herself now ,and no matter what her doubters and cynics say , the results speak a thousand words in themself...

well done girl! <IMG SRC="smilies/bounce.gif" border="0">

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Well, top 10 and another Tier I to her name!

Absolutely thumped Dementieva and showed everyone who's the better player.

"Dementieva's a great player and I knew she was going to be pumped out there. The crowd would be behind her but I knew they'd turn on her if she starts losing, it's very characteristic of the Moscow crowd. Congrats to Elena, she's improving so much"

Go Jelena, do well in Zurich!

2001 Kremlin Cup Champion, Jelena Dokic!

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Congrats Jelena! I wish you had beaten Hingis at the US Open. You were so close but let Hingis get into "auto" mode. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0">

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Jelena was in hot form, she made 5 finals out of 6 tournaments that fall, capturing 2 titles and losing the other 3 to Seles(Bahia), and Davenport(Zurich, Linz) :D

She's so honest in that interview, Jelena always tells it like it is and I surely miss that

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very sad
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