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hey everone :wavey: ive not been active on here much coz ive just started my law degree at Dundee university. been here pretty much a month now, so thought i'd just check ur all okay.

Anyway, i've joined the tennis club :lol: im atrocious, but we get on court 6 hours a week, so im already getting better. Anyway, as a poor unsuspecting fresher i was forced to take part in teh freshers challenge, which is an annual event between Dundee, Aberdeen and Stirling Uni, where all teh sports teams take on each other. So hi-ho-hi-ho its of to aberdeen i ... went

Coz we didnt have enough girls, i had to play doubles against the other uni's girls doubles players. We arrived and were told we had to go on court to play, so no hit and it was freezing. PLus, we play on hard courts, aberdeen have astroturf :rolleyes: Ive never played on that before and it took me ages to realise the ball doesnt bounce at all, compared to our courts where it flies up. PLus we were playing first to 4 games, so if you went behind you were screwed. As a result we got mauled by Aberdeen 4-0 :eek: but the 2 girsl play for Nrth of Scotland so not a huge surprise.

Revenge was extracted on the two Aussie's playing for Stirling, scholarships my ass as i actually played quite well and we won 4-1.l Hurrah!!! Dundee came 2nd overall me thinks.

Then we went to teh aberdeen union at 6pm and left at 2am, so we were all wrecked. I passed out on the bus so it was all good.

After spending much of the nite doing an essay i had another practice today and got thoroughly humped 60 62. So annoying coz i was hitting really well in the knockup, then in the points id open up teh court and dump my 'big' forehand into the tape. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!

More pratice 2moz, woop, and im planning on winning. need to find some1 worse than me, which could be difficult.

Anyways, glad to see everyone is okay, and that my new fav Karen Paterson is ripping up the courts and in 1 week has jumped 100 spots in the ranks :D:D

Any of u guys play for your uni teams. Both UK and abroad, but most interested in fellow BUSA teams, maybe i'll be seeing you guys in the finals, not that i'll be playing, i'll be the one wiht teh face-paint, wig and "go dundee" banner!

P :)

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OMg we wonder where you went paul, hope you are having a good time in dundee :)
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