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I think either Kim or Justine will show up.

It´s about Barna get a WC because she won´t get direct entry or being able to play qualifying because of her quarterfinal entry in Shanghai. I think that organizers will give her a WC.

I don´t think this event is weak at all. Petrova is a brilliant indoor player, Myskina reached the final here last year beating Kim. Meghann is a top20 player, Silvia one of the smartest players on tour. Just because of the fact that Jelena is a lost player with no future (in the indoor season 2003) this event isn´t what everybody makes it. Look at China, they don´t have a top5 player, Leipzig will try to get both top1-2 players to Germany. There are 2-3 days left before Justine has to decide and Kim has to start her trip from Australia.

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ChrisGermany said:
Why do they give Dokic, a falling star, a WC ? It would have been better to give one to Tanasurgan or a player that is rising but not so familiar with European indoor events but who would have extended the variety within the event.

It´s a fact Dokic told everyone 2002 to limit her schedule for 2003 and now she plays each week again and the success is nothing.

Why did they invite Dokic ?
Dokic is a star...She draws allot of fans...her name is known...unlike Tanasugarn who isn't that well known(only known to tennis fanatics)

Dokic plays soo many tournaments this year because she hasn't had the results...whats the point of playing 16 tournaments and losing them all 1st or second round, when you can play 25+ and hope for a few semis.

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Too bad Iva didn't show up. It's nice to know she put her name in for WC though. Strange that she wouldn't play qualis though? I will be very sad if she retires, but not very surprised.
I expect Maggie to do well here, possibly finals?
So Kim and Juju are still definitely playing then?

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No Schett or Schnyder in maindraw !

1. Bovina, Elena (RUS) 31
2. Chladkova, Denisa (CZE) 47
3. Clijsters, Kim (BEL) 1
4. Daniilidou, Eleni (GRE) 25
5. Dechy, Nathalie (FRA) 24
6. Dokic, Jelena (YUG) 21
7. Farina Elia, Silvia (ITA) 22
8. Hantuchova, Daniela (SVK) 11
9. Henin-Hardenne, Justin (BEL) 2
10. Krasnoroutskaya, Lina (RUS) 28
11. Kuznetsova, Svetlana (RUS) 30
12. Maleeva, Magdalena (BUL) 11
13. Mikaelian, Marie-Gaianeh (SUI) 35
14. Myskina, Anastasia (RUS) 8
15. Petrova, Nadia (RUS) 15
16. Schiavone, Francesca (ITA) 27
17. Serna, Magui (ESP) 26
18. Shaughnessy, Meghann (USA) 17
19. Srebotnik, Katarina (SLO) 41
20. Stevenson, Alexandra (USA) 33
21. Suarez, Paola (ARG) 19
22. Zuluga, Fabiola (COL) 40
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