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Candy Reid's Tennis Mailbag

(CNN) -- World Sport's Candy Reid recently caught up with Czech tennis star Nicole Vaidisova and asked her to respond to some of your e-mails.

Q: What would you rather do if you couldn't play tennis?
Jose, Knoxville, TN

A: Hi Jose, I always loved sports as a child. Played everything. But if it was not tennis, I think I would like to be a lawyer. Lawyers have to face problems and find answers, I think that would be challenging. I also really like fashion. I try to follow what designers all the brands use and which trends are coming up. Reebok has been great to me in letting me help design my dresses. I sit down with them every couple of months to discuss what I think is cool for the next line they will produce. The line that is coming out in 2007 is going to be awesome.

Q: Dear Nicole, why did you choose to represent the Czech Republic over Germany where you were born????
Yoshiko, Japan

A: Hi Yoshiko. I just came from Japan. I like it there! I hope it is a bit warmer now than last month when I was there:):) The reason I play for the Czech Republic and have a Czech passport is because all my family is Czech. They were just living in Germany for a couple of years when I was born. I like Germany a lot but I am a proud Czech. My home is in Prague when I am not training in Bradenton, Florida.

Q: You've already won five titles but which one is the most special to you? And what's the best and worst thing about life on the professional tennis tour?
Matt, UK

A: Hi Matt. Every tournament was a lot of hard work and I was very happy to win all of them. The first one will always be special to me. I had to qualify and because it was the first one, I think this one was the best. The best thing about traveling is I get to see so many cities. Compared to my friends I travel all the time and really have the opportunity to see so many different cultures, cities, people, etc. The worst thing is probably being away from my family. They try to come along as much as possible, but they also have their lives.

Q: Hello Nicole -- I'd like to know if it's easy to make friends on tour or if it's difficult because of all the rivalry? Thanks!
Pam, Florida

A: Hi Pam. I think the rivalry can make it hard. But one also has to realize we play a game of tennis. We all fight very hard on the court, but of course I also have friends. A lot of the Czech girls are my friends. We played in the juniors together and are now all traveling on the tour together.

Q: My daughter is hoping to be a tennis player. What advice would you give her? And how much tennis should she be playing every day? Good luck in all your future tournaments!
Erika, London

A: Hi Erika. I do not know how old your daughter is but the most important part is having fun. Even in my practices today, fun is a big part of it. I would not recommend playing too many hours a day if she is under 10. I think that at the end of the day, your daughter will decide if she likes all the practice or not. Good luck.

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