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Clijsters a ? for Filderstadt - #1 up for grabs

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From Yahoo sports

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- Kim Clijsters' sprained ankle could force her to miss next week's tournament in Filderstadt, Germany, an event where Justine Henin-Hardenne can overtake her for the No. 1 ranking.

Clijsters will play with a taped ankle for the rest of the season, she said on her Web site Monday. She sprained her right ankle at the Sparkassen Cup in Leipzig, Germany, and quit during Saturday's semifinal against Anastasia Myskina.

If Clijsters does not play in Filderstadt, Belgian countrywoman Henin-Hardenne could become No. 1 by reaching the final. Clijsters won in Filderstadt last year.

Clijsters needs to rest several more days before resuming light training.

``A new assessment will then have to show how bad the injury is,'' she said. ``I can only hope my participation in the Filderstadt tournament is not in danger.''

Clijsters leads the WTA rankings with 6,579 points, with Henin-Hardenne at 6,291. Henin-Hardenne could become the third No. 1 this season, after Serena Williams yielded the top spot to Clijsters because of knee surgery in August.

Clijsters is the first No. 1 player without a Grand Slam title. Henin-Hardenne won this year's French Open and U.S. Open.
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Resting, pfff 29-09-2003

What a dissapointment. Never could imagine such a stupid injury could ruin so many things. A week of rest should do the trick.

It all started the day before already. I came down the stairs and strained my ankle slightly on the last step. I didn't have that much pain and didn't think much about it. Until that one spread I even had forgotten about that ankle. I felt something snap and immediately realised something was not right. Pity, because I really enjoyed my match against Anastacia, for she was playing very well and the result could have gone either way.

After the match my ankle got examined in the nearby hospital. The conclusion was - and I quote the doctor: a dislocation of the ligaments at the inner side of the right ankle. Rather a mouthful. A week of resting should do the trick.

I now leave for Belgium, to revalidate. The first few days I have to rest as much as possible, lie down, and after that I can start doing light exercises to strengthern the ankle again. A new examination should tell me how bad the injury actually is. I sure hope I won't have to cancel the Filderstadt tournament, for I have a title to defend over there.

As a precaution I am now bound to play the rest of the season with a tape around my ankle. Should I have the same experience again, consequences might be a lot bigger.

From Kim Clijsters' Diary

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