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Cities/countries that could host the WTA Championships

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Considering how abysimal attendance has been at the last two tournaments in LA (WTA Champs, JP Morgan), I think the WTA should consider holding the event elsewhere. I would like to see the location rotated.

I think the event would do well in the following countries/cities:

1. Belgium- It would probably be a sellout as long as Justine and Kim were both there

2. Russia- With so many Russians doing well, I think the WTA should consider holding the tournament here. Perhaps St. Petersburg would be an ideal host

3. Houston-Why not host the women's and men's events there. Houston loves tennis

4. Australia- They love there tennis here

5. Washington DC- the Legg Mason Classic always does so well, why not hold the tournament in the MCI Center?
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I agree, Belgium, Houston, or Washington DC would be great places.
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