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Choose-Your-Player (C-Y-P) Congratulations valac222

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Choose-Your-Player (C-Y-P)

(1) C-Y-P is simple and only takes a few minutes each week. The only you need to do is to choose one player from the draw. How many points you get from the tournament will depends on how many points your choosen player won on the WTA tournament. For example, if your player lose in the second round of the Australian Open, you will get 100 points for the list.

(2) One player can be chosen only once, so you can not choose a player who has already been chosen.

(3) For each event you must choose a new player.

(4) Bonus points: If you choose not seeded player you must predict how far into the draw will go your player (R2, R3,..., SF, Final, Title) and if you correctly predict your points will be doubled.

Example: If your choice for Australian Open is Bojana Jovanovski R3

- If Bojana lose in R2 you will receive 100 +0 =100 pts. (100 for R2 and 0 for wrong prediction)
- If Bojana lose in R3 you will receive 160 + 160 =320 pts.(160 for R3 and 160 for correct prediction)
- If Bojana lose in R4 you will receive 280 + 0 =280 pts.(280 for R4 and 0 for wrong prediction)

(5) If on the one tournament you choose a player who is seeded between #1 and #8 at the next tournament you play you do not have right to choose a player who is seeded between #1 and #8.

(6) If you choose a player in the tournament which is played,for example, in February, you do not have right to pick the same player again for the other tournament which is played on February.

Example: If you choose a player for the tournament in Doha, you can not choose that player for Dubai.

(7) You can choose your player only after the main draw is released. If tournament manager did not post the draw, first person who choose a player must post a draw and after that to choose a player.

Example: SamR03A come to choose player. The draw is not posted (by manager or other player), first he must post a draw and after after that to choose player. After him BepaMaria come to choose player, and he choose his player (no need to post the draw because it is posted by Sam).

(8) You must choose your player before the start of match.

(9) Late entrie is allowed but you can choose only those players who does not play that day, if there are available players.

(10) If you want to change your player you can do that before the start of the first singles match of the tournament, make sure you make a new post and quote your previous post.

(11) Please make sure you write down the player's full name or surname, no nicknames please!

(12) Your best 16 results throughout the year will be counted for your ranking.

(13) You can play one tournament per week.

(14) If tournament manager wants to participate he can choose his players at the end of deadline.

The rules, rankings, and more can be found here

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