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cheeringthread for Filderstadt

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I know, it 's still a week. But after the dissapointing result in Leipzig (it was ONLY a RUP-place :rolleyes: ) Justine needs lots of cheers and hurays to go far in this tournament so she can dethrone her compatriot and fulfill her 2nd life-dream this year!!

I 'll start

We love you Justine, we do :bounce: :bounce:
Oh Justine, we love you :bounce: :bounce:

:bigclap: Justine Henin Hardenne :clap2:
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I had a feeling that if she wins Leipzig she won't win Filderstadt, which is more important :D
Every loss motivates her even more, so now she can start winning titles again :bounce:

:bigclap: We love you, Justine!! :bigclap:
Yep!! This year definitely MUST be remembered for Justine becoming #1 :bounce:
And just look what happen at tournaments where Justine had nothing to fefend this year - RG, San Diego ;) She won them :D (by beating Kim)
and Dubai as well, isn't it?? :confused:
Good luck Justine on your road to #1!! :worship: :bigclap:
Justine will play tomorrow!!!

Good luck, Justine!!! :bounce:
Eurosport changed schedule!!!

We'll get 2nd match @ 17.00!!

We maybe will see Justine tomorrow!!!!! :woohoo:
Justine is playing against Lena D tomorrow!! :mad:

Good luck, Justine!!!!!! Lbounce:
Please win easier this time!!

C'mon guys!! Let's support our Juju!!

Juju on TV tomorrow!!!!! :woohoo:
Go Justine!!!:woohoo:

Lena is in good form, so play your best!! :bounce:
Small report for the people, who couln't see the match! ;)
Oh, very tough match!!
It could go either way believe me!!!

Justine started very badly, making tons og unforced errors, so Lena had 3-1 lead & serving, Juju breal her @ love & then found her rythm. @ 5/4 Justine was serving for the set & had 1 set point, but lost this game
At 5/5 Lena serving there was one controversial point... It was given to Justine by umpire (she saw double bounce on the drop shot, but I'm not sure it really did happen). And I guess this point really changed the whole game!! Elena was never the same then... She made 12 double faults (4 in one game once), her shoulder kinda troubled her...

But i'm glad with the result, I hope Justine will play better against Lena Bovina, who looks like n a good form right now!! ( She beat Lindsay 6/3 6/3)
Like Justine said beating kim tomorrow is difficult but not impossible :bounce:

So do it tomorrow Justine!! :woohoo:

Show the world who's REAL #1!!!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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