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Here are some changes in Season 2

-Defending Points
Players have done well this season...but how will they fair with the pressure of defending their points? Think Daniela's only title came in Australia (unless she wins LA). Dementieva's 4 tournament win streak. Rankings could crash, or soar depending on their defence.

-Race to LA
Because it was the first year, your ranking points were the same as your race to LA points. Not the second year. This obviously helps newer players as well as the lower ranked players.

-Bonus [Ranking] Points
The ranking system will be taking a change as well. Players will get points for beating other players. If you beat #1, you get points for beating #1. Quality points. This could also change rankings drastically.

-A WGTA website
In the midst of working on a web-site. Should be up for the start of season two

Just a few things to look forward too in Season 2.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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