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When you have nothing better to say, what do you say? Or what are stupid little sayings that you have?

"Heeeeeey, Professah!" or "Hey, Boo!" - whenever I call my brother. (From the WB's 'The Parker's')

"Heeeeeey big momma" - to my mom; from 'Big Momma's House' *and my ma ain't fat either, it's just to be silly*

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"The only hit that comes out of a Helen Lawson show is Helen Lawson, and that's ME, baby, remember?"

--Appropriate for anything, anytime, anywhere

"And I don't INTEND to sign these contracts until Bellamy ties a can to that little broad's tale."

--Appropriate when you are playing hardball in any negotiations, even when contracts and a broad are not involved

"Now you get out of my way, I got a guy waiting for me!"

--Appropriate when you need to leave the room after insulting someone

"I'm a barracuda!"

--What you say after you have busted someone's balls or negotiated a really good deal

"Who the hell are you?"

--Appropriate whenever a stranger makes eye contact with you

"Sit down, you're making me nervous."

--When you want to be friendly to someone (use rarely)

"I know all about run of the play contracts!"

--When someone is negotiating with you and they make a good point against you, use this to deflect further inquiry, say it real loud and real nasty

"I'm sitting this one out."

--When someone repulsive crashes your party and you want to leave the room

"Tell Bellamy to get off his butt and earn his oats."

--Appropriate when you need to delegate to someone else to play hardball on your behalf, even if his name is not Bellamy

"You should know, honey, you just came out of the nuthouse."

--When someone insults you and you do not have a readily available barb back

These are my best phrases. Neely, Jennifer, and Anne have some good ones, but they are not as good as mine!
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