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"I think for all the players, they're probably feeling the same way," Capriati said. "Like whoever's going to take this title there's going to be an asterisk next to it saying, 'Oh, but the Williams sisters weren't here.' "

But Capriati will take that asterisk.

"Yeah," she said, smiling. "No one's going to remember 10 years from now, that's for sure."
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Aawww, made yourself feel all better yet??
you know something?

we get the idea...
Isn't she soooo lovable :hearts:
I love Jen said that in 10 years, no body is going to remember this hoopla;) I remember Venus quote in 1999 and she said that you will only be remembered for winning. Heck, I woudn't mind adding another slam title to my name, u gotta be there!;)
Jenny my love , the only reason there will be an asterisk after your name sweetie is coz u r a star! :kiss:
She's so beautiful!! But does she have to be so negative about it, Jenn, forever the realist!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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