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OK, everyone knows about the Roland Garros Curse? Since 1997 - since Hingis first lost in the final - every woman who has won RG has had Bad Things happen to them in their careers. Iva Majoli falls out of the top 400 and, despite caomeback, is still not a top player :sad: ; ASV has been on gradual, interminable downward slope ever since, the tennis career equivalent of water torture; Steffi LOST the final of the Slam she loved the most and retired with an injury (relatively bad for a legend like her); Mary Pierce's body fell apart and her ranking plummeted accordingly.

Until yesterday, I thought Capriati would be added to the list: since she won RG, her play as been mediocre at best, Serena/Monica/Lindsay all gained revenge, Venus continued to thrash her, Testud became a nemesis, and she failed to win a tournament. Then she lost to Stevenson in round 1 of Sydney, and stuttered through the AO draw.

Then, she turned the curse on its head and came back to win her 3rd Slam. The curse is broken! ;)
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