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Hey guys and girls,

Well as my name suggests I am an umpire (lines official to be more specific) and recently I was umpiring at the Canberra Womens Classic. This was my first professional tournament outside of the Australian Open and as I big fan of the WTA I was very excited about this opportunity.

Now I know that alot of people (including myself) enjoy reading match reviews because the majority of us do not have the oppportunity to go along to see the matches live. So I have put together a few of my views of players and matches during the qualifying and early main draw :)


Trudi Musgrave V's Krivencheva, Svetlana

I have been a Trudi fan for quite a few years now (if fact I try to follow all the Aussie Girls) so when I found out I was scheduled to unmpire on her court and I knew it was going to be a tough day. I have to admit I was struggling to stay concerntrated on my base line through out my time on court, and yes I was silently cheering Trudi on whilst still (of course) being completely professional.

What can I say Trudi thoroghly deserved her win, she is far the more talented player of the two. In fact, she should have won the match alot easier than she did. She held a double break in the second set, set up with the wonderful back hand winners and deep forehands. However, when Svetlana broke back to 3-5 Trudis confidence seemed to die suddenly. She was hitting lobby midcourt forehands and or missing by meters. trudi doesn't attack the forehand in the same way she does her back hand. She falls off her forehand consistently when she is feeling tentative. It almost seems like a mental block inhibits her abilty to hit out when placed under pressure. Svetlana on the other hand keep on playing her very one dimensional game, hitting the occasional winner and deep forehands which consisently unbalanced Trudi.

Trudi again had a big final set lead and it was looking as though she was going to give it away by being tentative, however I think the heat had gotten to Svetlana by then and she made quite a few errors in the end. I truely think Trudi can make it into the top 100. She has a big serve (agressive on the second) agressive flat backhand and solid forehand. It's all in the mind for Trudi (in fact for most players) as was again the case in her second round match.

Well I have to go now but I will continue later, if anyone has a question or two just post and ill be sur eto reply
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