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Will Zakopalova win her first ever main draw match at the US0 2012?

  • Yes- no scrub(s) defeat(s) Klara 11 times in a row

    Votes: 5 41.7%
  • Hell No!

    Votes: 7 58.3%

Can Zakopalova do it?

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Can she win a round at the USO? First time seeded but will that even make a difference?

((Post to commemorate Klara looking like she will return to her career high ranking of #27 (first achieved in 2006)- even one win at the USO would likely help her achieve a new career high.))
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I can't believe that a scrub like Klara is just about one MM away from the top 20. :facepalm:

She needs a good draw, that's it.
Who doesn't? :shrug:
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