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Since Alex Sydney has announced that FWTA is over, I'm sure there are many out there who love the game and would hate to see it erased from WTAWorld.

Is there anyone at all that is willing to take on the responsibility? Maybe if there was one person to do the draws, post results etc, and another to do the website - like ETA.

FWTA could be the best game in WTAWorld - but it needs someone to run it.

I started WTAT and know how much work it is - it's a bloody mamoth effort that requires 100% dedication 24/7 - that's why I admire people like Tennisace.

But if there is someone, or two, who could take over FWTA and turn it into a class competition, which I'm sure is what is was originally intended for, PLEASE SPEAK UP!!!

Thanks,<br />Mary Pierce (formerly Pierce-2002)
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