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Can Monica Seles get back into the Top 3, where she belongs?!

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Prior to the stabbing Monica Seles was the best player in the world. Since she returned in 1995 at the Canadian Open, Seles has, in my opinion never played the same. However, lately she has been playing excellent tennis. Of course, she has not played the big names lately, but I think next year Seles could return to the Top 3!!!! Gosh! Why can't she??? If Jennifer can do it, so can Seles. I look to see Seles having a great first half of the season with Capriati, Venus, Hingis, Serena not playing their best!!! All I have to say is, Don't count Monica out! She's got three or four years of prime tennis years in which she is going to give it her all to return to her greatness!!! Her greatness may not result in the #1 ranking, but I certainly expect her to be in the Top 3 or at least the Top 5!!!
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Nothing Imposible for a talented player like her.<br />I would'nt actually be surprise if she do that.

As you have said, If capriati did it, Much more Seles can.
I wish so much for Monica to get in the top 3 or 5 players that would be excellent she deserves one more good run up the rankings before she decides to call it a day ( and I hope that won't be in the near future, I mean the retirement not the top rankings)
actually I just want her to win one more slam coz she already reached the no.1 spot, ranking is not very important for me, so long as she stays in top 10.
She's beaten both #1's this year, I'd say she's well on her way!
I would say it is very possible for Monica to get back into the top 3 if she stays fit and healthy as she did in the late summer and fall. Her unexpected 4th round loss at the US Open was the only bleep on her record since her return in July. I don't think that she will consistently beat Venus but I think at peak form she can handle Jennifer, Martina, Lindsay and Serena every now and again. I would love to see a seles resurgence in OZ this January. Let's hope monica pulls a Capriati during her 8 weeks off and works her butt off getting into tip top form. Success will follow.
Make that "beat both #1's two times out of three each"
I don't think she'll ever get back into the top 3. But I do think she'll win another slam. I can see her having a really good run at a Grand Slam, probably Roland Garros but maybe the Oz Open, and winning it in style. But I'm not altogether convinced that she could get herself consistent enough to move up the rankings. At the moment she plays like the pre-stabbing Monica at times but can't seem to sustain it.
Getting into the top 3 is a little difficult for Monica. That'll mean she has to consistently beat Lindsay and Venus. She has very bad records against these 2 players. 2-9 vs Lindsay and 0-6 vs Venus. She apparently cannot handle big serves+big groundstrokes.
... well if she's gonna do it, she's never going to have a better chance than next year: Practically no points to defend middle 2 quarters of the year; fit and playing well; confidence from knowing she can match, and beat, all the pretenders....

I too however, think that her consistency in elite fields will let her down. She still has all the equipment, but in my heart I feel that she's gonna win battles, but won't win the war (whether it be another Slam, or Top 3 ranking).
i still believe in her ... she will make it someday, somehow!!

go monica
I'm with Miranda and sk-Monica should aim for slams-not a ranking. With the tour final moving to Munich, she has no incentive, other than a good seeding, for playing a lot of minor events.
Like I said in an other similar thread: seles won't have any problem to stay in the top 10, but I don't see her reach the top 3 or win a grand slam.
No. But she still has enough ability to win a GS title. Were I her, I'd focus on that.
Yes she can. If she plays the way she played last few months or better she can be in the top 3. But i think ranking is not so important for Monica. She was No. 1 for a long time and everybody know that.
I don't think she'll come back to the top-3 or win a grand slam-tournament.<br />With players like Davenport, Capriati, the Sisters, Hingis and the Belgians, it would be very surprising to see her in the top-3 (or top-5!) or win a grand slam...
bram_born84, who is going to prevent Monica from taking a Roland Garros title? She STILL owns Jen. Martina was a 50/50 proposition against her on Clay BEFORE Martina fell off her game. The Belgians haven't beaten her on any surface, ever. Lindsay and The Sisters have shown little on Clay. That takes care of your list. Who else would you have step up?
I think she can But i also agree that Grandslams should be her main focus!She has a great chance at winning Oz and Roland Garros i'd love her to win wimbledon but i think her chance is gone at that and the US open wont be a problem!

GO MONICA #1 for 2002!
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