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he is not an abusive father, he doesn't hit his daughter, he is not expelled of tournaments. In fact he defends her.

I can't know for sure but it seems to me he is a good father but, is he a good influence on Kim's career?

tennis, in singles, is an individual sport, the player is on her own, no coach, no parents, no friends. They can't rely on their team mates as in other sports, all they have is themselves and their racquets.

That means, they need to know how to make decisions by themselves, they can't depend on anyone making decisions for them.

That's why I think Carlos Rodriguez not being with Justine at the beginning of the North American hardcourt season probably helped her win the US Open, she realized the could be independent and still win.

It seems to me that Lei Clijsters (maybe with the best intentions) makes more decisions on Kim's career, and it seems he is a huge influence on her.

And the guy is obviously dellusional, Kim does have a problem in big matches, and she doesn't admit it, well, is she influence by his father's denial?

Remember after Roland Garros he said the WTA Championship was more important than a Grand Slam, at first I thought he was just trying to make Kim's accomplishments look better, but then I thought, nobody can be that ignorant to think people are really buy that, unless he truly believes it.

It happens with fans, here on this board. Some fans think their favourite is perfect. I've seen many discussions with fans trying to disminish other players' accomplishments while elevating their favourite's ones, and obviously in denial, so why not Lei? after all she is his daughter, and maybe in his view whatever Kim does is better than what other players do. And if he believes that, then nothing is wrong, and if he influences Kim, then for Kim nothing is wrong.

It seems to me he is trying hard to sell Kim to the media, giving it a higuer priority than to her tennis career (the comments about her leaving Belgium, or retiring in a year).

I've seen a similar problem with another player that is now often compared to Kim, Martina Hingis. She never could cut the ties with her mother, she was too dependant and that was a big part of the problem. Melanie didn't make a fool of herself as Lei but still, Martina never learned to be herself.

Maybe Kim should distance a bit? tennis wise? maybe he should just be a father and let her and her agents manage her career?

It might be way off, but I think maybe not.
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