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Can I Be Your Tennis Ball?

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This had to be the funniest and best part of the show. It was hilarious. Jamie Foxx singing to Serena, asking to be her tennis ball. Sad to say I don't feel like going back on the DVD to right down what he said, and post it for you all, but it was great. For those that watched it, yall had to be ballin. Jamie is a Foo!

And to answer some Brandy Norwood questions.

1. She isn't pregnant, i think you all have the rumor wrong.

2. What i keep hearing, and have heard for some time is, she got married b/c she got pregnant, and 2 now she is seperated, and is about to get a divorce. So things right now are looking to swift for the ex-anorexia Diva :)

But i've prayed for her, but in the maner of not to influence Serena in any kind of way.
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:lol: it was funny.

And for the people who missed the show.. Serena was with Brandy (as mentioned) and Yetunde. That's all I saw. ;)
lol. As much as people may try to say Jamie was over the top, he made the show more live. Everyone was sitting there like nothing was going on.

I didn't like his ass joke, but the song to Serena was so funny. And Rena put her head down a little, but she was smiling. so was keyshawn. Hilarious.
it was funny!! and i like the fact that Serena took in it the spirit in which it was intended. nice job Jamie! :D :)
omg that was the funniest song and serena was gigling through it all. The best part was when he said " can i fit in yo -pause- **bag** instead of ass. aahahahha That was alot of fun and laughs
Can I be your tennis
You can smack me up against the wall....
Do it slow or do it fast...
Can I fit inside yo'........bag?

Some men want to be J-Lo's thong...
Beyonce's seeing Jay-Z...ain't that wrong? (don't look right)
I'm tired of that Ashanti song.

We can go 15-love
30, 40 love...
till we get to deuuuuuuuuuuce!

Can I be your tennis ball?

ROFLMAO :haha: :haha:
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that had me... double-dying on the ground. I got it on tape! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

and I like the weapons of mass destruction joke too. ROFL!
Yeah, Jaime is funny!! At one point during the song he said, "Keyshawn is going to kill me!"
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