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Week 1: Gold Coast, Tier II, Winner-Bartoli - RUP-Janes
Week 2: Sydney, Tier II, Winner-Janes - RUP-Stosur
Week 3: Australian Open, GS, Winner-Majoli - RUP-Keothavong
Week 4: Memphis, Tier II, Winner-Majoli - RUP-Rubin
Week 5: Paris, Tier II, Winner-Keothavong - RUP-Rubin
Week 6: Antwerp, Tier II, Winner-Majoli - RUP-Keothavong
Week 7: Scottsdale, Tier II, Winner-Keothavong - RUP-Majoli
Week 8: Indian Wells, Tier I, Winner-Mauresmo - RUP-Wheeler
Week 9: Miami, Tier 1, Winner-Majoli - RUP-Rao
Week 10: Charleston, Tier I, Winner-Majoli - RUP-Mauresmo
Week 11: Berlin, Tier I, Winner-Rubin - RUP-Wheeler
Week 12: Rome, Tier I, Winner-Groenefeld - RUP-Farina Elia
Week 13: Roland Garros, GS, Winner-Groenefeld - RUP-Majoli
Week 14: Birmingham, Tier II, Winner-Rao - RUP-Bensova
Week 15: Eastbourne, Tier I, Winner-Keothavong - RUP-Groenefeld
Week 16: Wimbledon, GS, Winner-Farina Elia - RUP-Rubin
Week 17: Stanford, Tier II,
Week 18: San Diego, Tier I,
Week 19: New Haven, Tier II,
Week 20: U.S. Open, GS,
Week 21: Moscow, Tier I,
Week 22: Filderstadt, Tier II,
Week 23: Zurich, Tier II,
Week 24: Los Angeles(SEASON ENDING CHAMPS!), Tier I

Leading Title Holder:
Iva Majoli of Croatia with :worship: 5 :worship: titles under her belt

Leading RUP Placer:
Chanda Rubin of The USA with :( 3 :( *hint Chanda stop choking hint*

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How to qualify for the Season Ending Champs:

Singles - There will be a 8 person round robin type thing.
QUALIFIER are all in one part of the draw they all play each other once and if there is a tie at the end the tie will play another match to decide who goes in the finalks say Rubin and Majoli tie and Rubin wins she makes it to the finals
other side of draw
and Myskina wins Myskina and Rubin play a best of 5 set match for the finals

also the top 6 players make it into the main draw others must qualify into the tourney in a main draw format

THE SAME APPLIES FOR DOUBS.! exept there is only the top four teams get in, 2 teams qualify!
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